Vitré gourmand!

Well here let me tell you, we love to travel… and eating good food/drinks is our passion. We go on road warrior trips to try the very best of France from star Michelin to mom and pop places all over. Over the years, we preferred the cozy small mom and pop restaurants that brings the best of the French cuisine at prices for the whole family.

I have written on Vitré in my blog several times of course; but feel left these wonderful eating places a very small space and they deserve more. Especially when one of them has change name and owner. Let me tell you a bit about Vitré gourmand in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 of my beautiful Bretagne.

We had our lunch at Le Chêne Vert, 2 pl du Général de Gaulle diagonilly across the train station of Vitré, great tagliatelle with scallops mushrooms and all others with porto rouge as apéro,grimbergen beers, coffee expresso for less than 16€ a bargain!


This is an update that prompted this post as Le Chêne Vert (green holm oak) has change owner and name.  It was back in June 2019,(wow time flies), the new owner is Bruno Desbois  ,originally from Morbihan (ah we have to come back) took over the restaurant and name change to L’Odorico. The new resto is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 7h30 to 01h on weekdays. Open from 8h30 to 01h on Saturday and Sunday from 8h30 to 20h. Telephone contact:+33 (0) 2 99 96 80 59 no webpage yet.. menu carte from about 20€. Lunch menu: 13.80€ (starter + main course + dessert). 9.50€: dish of the day.

What they are saying about the new L’Odorico : the Le Chêne Vert, a vitreous institution located opposite the train station, gives way to a whole new, more cozy and trendy decor, but don’t forget to pay homage to the Art Deco style and the mosaics that made it famous with a new name that sounds right : Odorico, named after the famous Rennes mosaic artist. The terrace creates a gateway between the outside and the inside with these superb bar tables in exotic velvet fabric that can also be found inside. The decor has been carefully thought out and the result is very successful. More on their Facebook page here: Facebook page of the L’!Odorico resto Vitré

We had some chocolate sticks filled with fruits in chocolaterie Le Derf  21 Rue Duguesclin. The Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Bruno Le Derf has been rewarded for his undeniable qualities as a chocolate maker but also as a confectioner! He opened its first stores in June 2012. All the pralines are homemade, in its laboratory in Vitré, on the basis of raw dried fruit. Previously caramelized, crushed or mixed, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts,etc are mixed with chocolate to obtain pralines with a deliciously flaky, crisp or soft texture. On a base of almonds, the macarons have the particularity that they are accompanied by a filling sometimes similar to that of his chocolate candies (pralines, ganaches or molds).They have several shops and one nearer me in Vannes, 10 place de la Poissonnerie by the fish market; but they are delicious anywhere. More on their site here: Bruno Le Derf chocolatier Vitre


We got our baguettes, pastries in double chocolat and strawberry caramels, éclairs, tarte à poires, etc to take home at La Petite Marquise , 7 rue Paris, Vitré. You can buy regional pastries, a large quantity of bread, organic bread and confectionery. Take a look at their Christmas or Easter chocolates, ready-made pieces and savory or sweet petit fours. Taste also the sandwiches and savory pies. Parking on site for customers. More on their Facebook page here: Facebook page of La Petite Marquise Vitre


There ,now I feel better, to have these wonderful eateries in my blog fully shown and contacts for those traveling gourmand and locals as well.  Vitré is nice with a wonderful castle and great monuments ,some of which already posted in my blog. However, the food is sublime!!! Oh yes I need to lose weight …….::)

Hope you enjoy the little gastronomic tour of Vitré, and do visit this wonderful town of my Bretagne.

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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