Fougéres, and the Arts!

And here continue in nostalgia lane and came back to one of my favorite cities in Bretagne/Brittany. It is known more for its castle but it has many interesting things to see as attested by my previous posts on it. However, as often the case I am afraid, things were left out to show fully the beauty of the town. Therefore, time to remedy that now.

This is Fougéres in the dept 35 of Ille-et-Vilaine in the region of Bretagne.

Let me show a bit introduction to the Arts in Fougéres starting with the theater , then the museums. Hope you enjoy it.

The Victor-Hugo Municipal Theatre, located in the upper town, in the historic district. It is performed in the style of Italian theaters. The room combines a French square plan and an Italian floor plan on four levels. Long occupied by salt merchants and false salters, the old Place du Brûlis evokes the terrible fires of the upper town in the 17C. As early as 1851, the mayor of Fougères proposed to develop the old “cohue à chair” or meat market hall to make it a performance hall. The curtain rises therefore on the theater for the first time in 1886. Following the bombings of 1944, the theater closed its doors. It did not reopen them until 1946. In 1970, the curtain fell; the theater no longer meets the new security rules. In 1996, an identical restoration was voted. Finally in 2001, the theater opened its doors again with the charm of its decor from the end of the 19C. Originally, its 650-seat hall met the needs of a predominantly working population. Today, the theater has 250 seats. The name Théâtre Victor Hugo was given in homage to Victor Hugo who came to discover the city in the company of his Fougeres muse, Juliette Drouet. Today, theatrical performances, concerts and other intimate shows are play.

The official cultural page of the Victor Hugo Theater in Fougéres here: Centre Culturel de Fougéres on the Victor Hugo theater

The tourist office of Fougéres on the Victor Hugo TheaterTourist office of Fougeres on Victor Hugo Theater


In city center there is a nice small Musée de l’Horlogerie (Clock museum )that looks very nice quaint but no time to go in just browse the shop, which was full of trinkets on the clock movement. It is located at 37 rue Nationale old town center. Because the past explains the present and is the pledge of the future, this museum, unique in Bretagne, testifies to the know-how of our master watchmaking craftsmen. Through building clocks, pendulums, watches and tools, you will enter the world of time measurement and the ingenuity of their creators. A moment of pleasure that will end with automata and animated pictures that invite you to daydream. We will be back.

The tourist office of Fougéres on the Clock museum: Tourist office of Fougéres on the musée de l’horlogerie


The Musée Emmanuel de la Villéon museum is located in the upper town, in one of the oldest half-timbered houses in the town, from the 16C near the Church of Saint Léonard (see post). Renowned landscaper, avant-garde colorist, Emmanuel de la Villéon was born in Fougères in 1858. He was one of the last Impressionists; and the museum holds about 30 portraits of the artist. He is the painter of harmony, of quiet joy, of balance, of peasant serenity, where even miseries are planed by the slow rhythm of the seasons. He painted Bretagne, but also love to travel and painted his destinations. The porch house, whose construction dates back to the 16C, is the last of this type of housing which bordered in particular rue Nationale and rue de la Pinterie. Most of them disappeared in the fires that ravaged the city in the 17C and during the bombing of June 1944.

The tourist office of Fougéres on the musée Emmanuel de la VilléonTourist office of Fougéres on the Emmanuel de la Villéon museum


There you folks, a nice town, with plenty of culture and a wonderful castle indeed. All the walks are nice and the things to see plenty. This is Fougéres in my lovely Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh! Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

ps. just for the anecdote, this is my 3100 post in my blog!!! thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I visited Fougéres in September 2015 but there was a cycle race on, the roads were closed, the car parks were full so didn’t get to see it properly.


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