Cholet: Church of the Sacré-Cœur !

And I could not be far from these monuments of faith that expresses the feeling of a great tradition and enormous architecture. This again was the case in Cholet, in the Maine et Loire dept 49 in the Pays de la Loire region and in my belle France.

I have written before on one of these religious monuments in Cholet , see my post on Notre Dame. This time let me tell you a bit more on the Church of the Sacré-Cœur !

cholet ch sacre coeur front left side jul20

The Church of the Sacré-Cœur or Sacred Heart, Romano-Byzantine style, the first stone was laid in 1937 and the church blessed in 1941. The materials used for the construction are extracted from the region. This church is due to the generosity of hundreds of known and unknown donors. The chime of 39 bells dates only from the construction of the Sacred Heart, completed during the last world war but has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and bell ringer. On March 30, 2011, the bells and the keyboard of the carillon came down from the bell tower for restoration. The restored carillon in Holland sounded again on September 17, 2011 during the heritage days. It is located at 25 Boulevard Guy Chouteau, and was our first stop on this trip with easy on street parking in front.

cholet ch sacre coeur front out walls jul20

The Church of the Sacred Heart has the distinction of being built with reinforced concrete dressed with local materials such as brick, shale orange called Pierre de Pineau, pink granite from Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges and blue granite from Vezins. Part of the cement used is said to have been mysteriously diverted from the stocks planned for the construction of the Atlantic Wall!

cholet ch sacre coeur side windows jul20

Several artists participated in the exterior and interior decoration of the church: The Parisian artist Charles Maillard, for modeling the sculptures, Fernand Dupré as a Cholet practitioner, Charles Mauméjean for the mosaics and stained glass windows and Henri Genévrier, known under the pseudonym of Grand ‘Aigle (great eagle) artist withdrawn to Cholet during the occupation. This one carries out the decorations and murals of the baptistery of the central door as well as the panels near the confessionals. Regarding the masterpiece of the large interior fresco, Élie Chamard said that the theme had been set by Father Cesbron, future parish priest of this new parish: “When I am raised from the ground, I will attract everything to me!”

cholet ch sacre coeur back chevet renov jul20

You can notice a particular sculpture: the altar of Saint Joseph, all in wood and in the shape of a workbench, in reference to the carpenter profession of the father of Jesus. On this same altar, the candles are also made of wood, just like the candlesticks, in the shape of wood planes.

The parish of Sacre Coeur in French: Catholic Cholet on the parish of the Sacre Coeur

The Cholet tourist office on visiting the Church of the Sacre Coeur in French: Cholet tourist office on Sacre Coeur

cholet ch sacre coeur front right side jul20

As we arrived there were construction workers doing some renovation on the right side of the Church of the Sacre Coeur and we could not go in, however, it is marked here as the exteriors we will be back for the interiors. Worth the detour, hope you enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. This mighty church looks like a castle. It’s interesting that this was built during World War II.

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