Cholet: Brasserie Le Grand Café!

And I guess left the best for last maybe? I have come for a revisit and a bit more time to Cholet, in the Maine et Loire dept 49 of the Pays de la Loire region of my belle France.

We walk the streets and even move by car in the city with easy nice inexpensive parking (see post), and saw several monuments many for the first time. Cholet has more, time to plan for a return. It is worth the detour and only at less than 2 hrs from my house!

As we move about the town , there is always time to eat. Well we walk so much that almost made a faux pas in eating habits in France. Lunch is between 12h and 15h but many restos by the time 14h30 arrive they will tell they are full taking no more patrons. The reason, the employees need to go home and eat see the family have their siesta to come back for the second tour by 19h.  We arrive at the Brasserie Le Grand Café by 14h30, I call and we got in!!! La vie est belle!!


They say in their webpage: For more than 20 years, the Grand Café has welcomed you in the historic setting of the old City/Town Hall (see post) and the Vendée War History Museum. In this exceptional site in the heart of city center/ downtown Cholet, we have created an atmosphere in the great tradition of Parisian brasseries. We welcome you on the terrace, under our large canopy Baltard or in one of the large rooms to taste our brasserie specialties.


And I add that it is open from midday to midnight 7 days a week. An impeccable service , wonderful food and just prices with a great view of Place Travot, can’t ask for more this is Cholet and this is my belle France! Its terrace makes it the place where you can see everything that moves and where you have to be seen! Deco 1900 for its two rooms.

cholet brasserie le grand cafe terrasse to entr jul20

We arrive almost or at the cut off point for refusals, and no reservation, I call just around the corner to ask if ok to come in , and right away they say ok, we went in and voilà heavens on earth. We act it quickly as the poor guys needed to go for lunch in fact they say goodbye to us while having lunch themselves.

cholet brasserie le grand cafe resto to pl travot jul20

We had a bottle of red 2018 Domaine des Coutures Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, the Loire reds we love so much and this one was superbe! A bottle of course. We had three rumsteak steaks with different sauces mine was pepper or poivre and fries with green salad. One of my son’s opted for the canard and chicken skewes grill and we all had the café gourmand plate of little sweets with expresso coffee so popular here. All for under 28€ per person, the price was right and as said great presentation, service and décor of the place with a great view of the wonderful Place Travot. Recommended!

cholet brasserie le grand cafe domaine des coutures SNB red 2018 jul20


cholet brasserie le grand cafe on cafe gourmand jul20

Their official webpage is here: Brasserie Le Grand Café de Cholet

One of the positives of living in France, good food ,wines and views all over. The Pays de la Loire has an inmense reservoir of sites to be visited we have some as in previous posts,and we have a lot to go still! Hope you enjoy the Brasserie Le Grand Café in Cholet as we did and will surely be back.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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