Cholet:Convent of St Francis d’Assise!

And I could not be far from these monuments of faith that expresses the feeling of a great tradition and enormous architecture. This again was the case in Cholet, in the Maine et Loire dept 49 in the Pays de la Loire region and in my belle France.

I have written before on one of these religious monuments in Cholet , see my post on Notre Dame. This time let me tell you a bit more on the Convent of Saint François d’Assise.


The order had returned to France in 1949 after being driven out during the French revolution. Today ,they are about twenty religious, whose average age is rather young. They are present in addition to Cholet ,in  Lourdes (Couvent Saint Maximilien Kolbe), in Narbonne (Couvent Saint-Bonaventure), and in Tarbes (Couvent Saint-Antoine). In 2012, they have redesigned the Convent of Brussels in Belgium (Couvent St Antoine).

The Convent of Saint-François-d’Assise has been welcoming folks since 2002, in the old Carmel of Cholet founded in 1885 by Mother Marie de La Croix, a community of Franciscans belonging to the Custody of Saint-Bonaventure in France. One can admire in the choir of the chapel of the convent, an Annunciation by the artist Maurice Denis dating from 1930. The convent is located at 57 Rue Pasteur, however, you can come by car as we came by 39 Rue Paul Bouyx which is the back door.


The official webpage of the convent of St François d’Assise in Cholet in French: Convent of St François d’Assise in Cholet

The above webpage leads you to several others related sites for more information. This is of course, an off the beaten path trip but worth the detour if you are into history which is the only reason I am posting it. Hope it helps in the wonderful walks of Cholet.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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