Getting around Rennes!!!

So why have I not posted on Rennes transports! Well ,it is only the capital of the region of Brittany/Bretagne and go often business and pleasure. I have not written a post on public transports or getting around or to Rennes in my blog, and its a shame. I will try to remedy that now even if it is a big task. Hoping not to leave anything out. And of course, that it will be useful to all. Therefore, here is my take on getting around Rennes!!!

First , let me give you a brief introduction on the city of Rennes as have already plenty on history and things to see elsewhere in my blog. Rennes is the capital of the Ille-et-Vilaine department 35 and of the Brittany region. The city is located in Upper Brittany at the confluence of the Ille and the Vilaine rivers, hence the dept name. It is about 308 km from Paris and is therefore offset from the Lille-Paris-Lyon-Marseille axis structuring the French territory. The city of Rennes covers 50 km2, including more than 8 km of green spaces and public gardens. To give further idea of its location ,it is ,also, 128 km from Angers, 210 of Brest, 154 km of Caen, 180 km of Quimper, and Le Havre is at 204 km, La Rochelle 220 km, Nantes 120 km, Saint Malo 63 km, Vitré 35 km, Redon 58k, Paimpont 37 km and from me it is at 129 km.

It is in Rennes that the Conference of the Cities of the Atlantic Arc was created in 2000.  The Conference of Cities of the Atlantic Arc is a network of local authorities which works with different institutions to highlight the role of the cities of the Atlantic Arc in Europe. Its hq is at Rennes, more here: Atlantic Cities as Rennes

The city is very easily accessible as it is located at the crossroads of a star network of expressways. If you’re driving, Rennes is three and a half hours away from Paris via the A11 and A81. As usual we took the D16 out to the D117 and on the N24 to Rennes coming into the city by the N24. Even on market day,  but were able to find street parking for the day for two euros at rue Legraveren off rue Saint Malo. Other times we parked by the train station Gare Sud  which is great several floors of parking, we stay for about 3 hours and only paid 3,80€  or the market Lices underground.  In terms of road transport, you have the  RN 157 to the east towards Vitré, Laval, Le Mans and Paris. The RN 137 south to Nantes, La Rochelle and Bordeaux. The RN 24 to the west towards Vannes, Lorient and Quimper. The RN 12 north-west towards Saint-Brieuc and Brest. The RD 137 north towards Dinan, Dinard and Saint-Malo. The A84 north east towards Fougères, Caen, Rouen and Lille. The city is also served by three structuring roads being upgraded to 2 × 2 lanes such as the RD 163 in the south east towards Châteaubriant and Angers. The RD 177 south west towards Redon and Saint-Nazaire. The RD 175 north towards Saint-Aubin-d’Aubigné and Le Mont-Saint-Michel. All these roads connect to the Rennes Rocade or ring road which provides a complete motorway bypass of 31 km around the city.


Paid C-Park car parks managed by Citédia: Arsenal, entrance by Boulevard de la Tour and Rue Pierre Abélard . Colombier entrance by Rue Plélo, Rue du Puits Mauger and Rue du Capitaine Maignan .Dinan Chezy,entrance by Rue du Louis d’Or. Charles de Gaulle-Gare entrance by  Rue d’Isly and Rue Yvonne Jean-Haffen. Gare Sud entrance by Rue Quineleu and Rue de l’Alma. Halles Centrale entrance by Place Honoré Commeurec. Hoche,entrance by Place Hoche. Kennedy-Villejean entrance by Rue du Bourbonnais.  Kléber,entrance by Rue Kléber. Les Lices (market) entrance by Place des Lices(market), and Vilaine entrance by Quai Duguay Trouin and Quai Lamennais. There is also, the parc relay which allow you to come by car on the outside and come to city center in public transports, these are Dinan Chezy, Les Lices, Hoche, Vilaine, Kleber, Charles de Gaulle-Gare, and Colombier.

More on these parkings here: C Park parkings Rennes


The LGV/TGV Brittany, takes you from the train station or Gare de Rennes to Paris Montparnasse in about 190 minutes (taken several times) ,and 45 minutes from Le Mans by TGV. Rennes is also accessible from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport , Massy TGV,  and Marne-la-Vallée (Disneyland). It is also a multimodal transport node with the connection of the bus network and the metro. Rennes train station is also at the center of the peri-urban TER network of the Rennes urban area. There are also two other stations on the town’s territory: Rennes-Pontchaillou near the Pontchaillou hospital (memories there with my dear late wife Martine) and Rennes 2 university, on the Rennes – Saint-Malo line, and Rennes-La Poterie train station located southeast of the city on the Rennes – Châteaubriant line.

Gare de Rennes: SNCF gare de Rennes

TER gare de Rennes: TER SNCF trains of Rennes



Another airport that I have used is the Rennes airport located at Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande .Just an hour away from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Taking just 90 minutes, you can also enjoy direct flights to Rennes from a number of major European cities such as London, Southampton, Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, etc. The Rennes-Saint-Jacques airport is a mere 20 minutes (7 km ) away from the city center, take the bus C6 or a taxi. More info here: Rennes airport


For your trips throughout the metropolis, the STAR network offers a metro line, 150 bus lines, relay parks, several bicycle rental services, a car-sharing app and, to link it all, the STAR app. It has a metro line, 150 bus lines (70 regular lines and 80 school lines), which serve the 43 towns of the Rennes metropolis. More info here: Star Rennes transport network


The KorriGo Services card allows you to load all STAR transport tickets (bus, metro, Star self-service bicycle) as well as TER Bretagne and BreizhGo tickets. How to get one here can be translated : Star network Korrigo transport card

The metro runs (except summer period): Monday to Wednesday from 5h15 to 0h45; Last departures of J.F. Kennedy and La Poterie: 0h25; Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5h15 am to 01h45 am; Last departures of J.F. Kennedy and La Poterie: 01h25, Sundays and public holidays from 7h25 to 0h45 and Last departures of J.F. Kennedy and La Poterie: 0h25. The metro line connects the Pottery to J.F. Kennedy and serves 15 stations. Among them, 4 stations are in the immediate vicinity of Parcs Relais parkings.  The pdf file metro map here: Metro map

Public transports for the region of Brittany  can be found at Breizhgo here: Brittany public transports planner Breizhgo

Rennes tourist information centre ,main at 1 rue Saint-Malo, tel +33 (0) 891 67 35 35 Email :

A new phenomenon taken place here and elsewhere in France, is the bike ride. So here is general information for it as I have not try it.

The bicycle express network consists mainly of cycle links located between Rennes and the towns of the first belt, and will serve 80% of the inhabitants of Rennes Métropole. The Maison du vélo  or Bike House will open at the multimodal exchange hub of Rennes during 2020. This place of nearly 180 m2 will offer the services already offered on rue du Puits-Mauger which are temporarily installed in the Colombier district, rue du Puits-Mauger, pending final opening in the future station, in 2020.  The Maison du vélo will be complemented by an itinerant Maison du vélo (an equipped bus), which will circulate throughout the metropolis, as well as by the opening of 3 service centers in the Poterie, Saint-Jacques-Gaîté and Cesson-ViaSilva. Pedestrians and cyclists will have priority in a sector contained between rue de l’Hotel Dieu to the north, boulevard de la Liberté to the south, boulevard de Chézy to the west and the Guillaudot / Gambetta axis to the east. the establishment of a meeting area in place of the current area 30. The principles of the meeting area are as follows: 20 km / h maximum with priority from the weakest to the strongest, possibility for pedestrians to move on the road, and for cyclists to circulate in both directions. The City of Rennes will experiment with its first bike ride between Place Pasteur and Place de Bretagne. The north quays such as Chateaubriand, Lamartine and Duguay Trouin  will be reserved for cyclists (two-way cycling) and for waterfront services. Concretely, the quai Lamartine will be closed to general traffic (immediate waterfront access, deliveries and emergency vehicles only), while waterfront services and parking will be maintained on the qaui Chateaubriand  (mandatory exit by rue Jean Jaurès, rue Edith Cavell, Place du Parlement and Rue Victor Hugo) and the Quai Dugay Trouin (access maintained by rue de la Monnaie, rue de Clisson, rue Dugesclin, rue de l’Horloge and rue de Rohan). More info here : Star network on bikes in Rennes

Also, bike parks to be found at the C Park parking site: C Park parkings see Vélos or Bikes


As noted in my last visit to the city before the virus, traffic has increase enormously with heavy lock down all over similar to the situation in Paris. Either cars will be out totally or chaos will reign as with the number of persons, one cannot eliminate roads without alternative solutions.

The city of Rennes on parkings roads transports etc in French: City of Rennes Metropole on transports

Rennes tourist office on things to see: Rennes tourist office on things to see

And there you go folks, hope it helps you getting around and to Rennes, the capital of Brittany, my region. As well , to see Rennes a wonderful city as evidence by my many posts on it. Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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