Paris: Avenue Bosquet !

Well here I am again with stories on the favorites streets of Paris. Yes , I can imagine is a touchy subject, because we can write about all of them!!! However, I won’t be making a book on them, just telling about some nice ones of a personal touch. Anyway ,this is Paris ,the most beautiful city in the world.

Today, I like to tell you about the Avenue Bosquet, very nice avenue that has become part of my job the last few years as my office is near there and my bus 82 (Champ de Mars-Suffren) leaves me not far. More on this bus lines on separate post in my blog.

The Avenue Bosquet is an avenue in the 7éme arrrondissement .Its length is 820 meters and its width is 36 meters . It is a one-way street, the avenue begins at the Place de l’École-Militaire and ends at the Place de la Resistance. The avenue is served to the north by line RER C at Pont de l’Alma station,and and the metro line 8 École Militaire station.


This Avenue Bosquest pays homage to Marshal Pierre Joseph François Bosquet leading the French corps in the Battle of Crimea. The street opened in 1858, under the name of boulevard de l’Alma, it absorbed rue de la Vierge, which was between quai d’Orsay and rue Saint-Dominique; rue Neuve-de-la-Vierge and rue du Champ-de-la-Vierge, which were between rue de Grenelle and avenue de la Motte-Picquet. It was renamed avenue Bosquet in 1864. The part of avenue Bosquet which was between rue Cognacq-Jay and the quai d’Orsay was included in the place de la Résistance in 1951.

Some nice buildings to see here me think are at No 7 doctor Hyacinthe Vincent lived in this building between 1932 and 1950. A plaque pays tribute to him. known mainly for his work on typhoid fever and gas gangrene. No. 9: hotel of the Marquis Hervey de Saint-Denys, then of Count Boniface de Castellane. No 12: Institut de l’Alma (private school, college and high school). And No 19-21: headquarters of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF).

Very nice walkable street to soak in on the wonderful architecture of Paris, especially for those friends interested in doors .. From my Asian experience especially Vietnam (see posts) I dwell very well into the La Table du Vietnam restaurant here;the French cuisine Le Bosquet , the China experience (see post) and the Chinese La Fontaine de Jade, La Terrace du 7, and a very memorable for my ex VT friends Le Septiéme Vin, spot of a memorable meeting, (see post); almost reaching Place de l’école Militaire where you can ,also,catch up with bus 82! just at the beginning of avenue Duquesne! I told you Paris above ground is sublime!!


Hope you enjoy the tour and walk at Avenue Bosquet, always exhuberantly awesome in my eternal Paris. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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