Church St Vincent, Thouare sur Loire!

So here I am taking you to wine country of Pays Nantais not far from Nantes into the Muscadet domaines. I come here often as do get my wines from the region and this towns is tops. However, after telling you about the wonderful wines and wine tastings tours ,I need to tell you about the other nice monument in Thouaré sur Loire.

Thouaré-sur-Loire is located in the Loire-Atlantique department no. 44 , in the Pays de la Loire region. Historically, Thouaré-sur-Loire was part of Brittany and the Nantes region. The Breton name of the town is “Tarvieg”. Still shows adherence to Brittany by the locals.  Thouaré-sur-Loire is located on the north bank of the Loire river , 10 km from Nantes. Passing on the north of the town is the D923 road  with the town of Carquefou; to the south, the Loire, with the town of Saint-Julien-de-Concelles.

The city of Thouaré sur Loire on the town’s history and heritage in French is here: City of Thouaré sur Loire on heritage

There is not much written on the monument I like to tell you a bit on it. Luckily by been there I have brochures on the Church of Saint Vincent of Thouaré sur Loire.

thouare sur loire

The current Church Saint Vincent was built between 1861 and 1863, was like its elder who was located near the castle, dedicated to Saint Vincent. Saint Vincent has been venerated in the parish for over 500 years. The archives tell us that a foundation had been created in his honor by the lords of Thouaré from the beginning of the 15C. The name of Saint Vincent, patron saint of winegrowers, recalls that the culture of the vine was once very developed in Thouaré. the church has a 170 cm tall limestone statue of Saint Vincent recalling the name of the church.

thouare sur loire

The general layout of the Church Saint Vincent is in the form of a Latin cross. The architecture in neo-Gothic style, does not present any real originality. Here, no pillar or superfluous ornaments; simplicity and sobriety prevail. Let us not forget that Thouaré was then a modest rural town which had a little less than a thousand inhabitants. The two side altars located in the transept, on either side of the nave, are dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Saint Joseph. The interior of the church benefits from relatively abundant natural light. This impression of luminosity is reinforced by the light colored walls and vaults. The church can accommodate around 500 seated persons.

thouare sur loire

The bell tower of St Vincent Church was from its construction, equipped with a bell called Rogatienne Marie Emilie Pauline. It weighs 537 kilos and rings the ground call. At the back of the choir, on the central window, is the Sacré-Coeur. This stained glass window was offered in 1875 by several parishioners who wished to remain anonymous. The stained glass windows of the Holy Virgin and Saint Joseph The St Vincent Church has several remarkable banners: The oldest, white in color, was offered by the young people of the parish at the end of the mission preached in 1875. Another, in red silk velvet all embroidered with gold and fine silver, dates from 1884. It presents on one side the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and on the other the image of Saint Vincent, patron of Thouaré.

You can see the presence of a 6 meters by 3.50 meters fresco in the left transept. It commemorates the trip that Notre Dame de Boulogne made on the Loire on June 4, 1944. It was painted by Paul Lemasson, a pupil of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris. Blessed on September 8, 1946, the fresco represents some portraits of local Thouaréens, in particular most of those who disappeared during WWII.

And there a nice stop on your way to the wines and do appreciate the architecture and history of this church in a winegrowers’ town of Thouaré sur Loire or Thouaré on the Loire river. A wonderful trip each time along the river Loire and quaint Thouaré sur Loire. Hope you enjoy the post as I do

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all!!!

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