A train station at Rouen!

So here I am looking at my blog in these days of inactivity and again surprise has written some posts on Rouen but always missing some. Therefore, I am catching up given credit to these marvelous places of my belle France. And yes folks, I have rode the train to Rouen!

Let me tell you a bit more on the Rouen Rive Droite train station. As you should know Rouen is in dept 76 of the Seine Maritime and now back in Normandy together.

I admit most of my trips here have been by car and easy parking. However, there were a couple of times needed to come by train from Paris. The trains come from Paris gare St Lazare into the Rouen train station or gare rive droite at place Bernard Tissot,that you can walk about 10-15 mins into city center. No need for public transport in the city, walk it this is the best way to see its marvels. The train station is nice and well service , which I have taken as well. This is the Gare Rouen Rive Droite take it direction Le Havre from Paris. Also, local train transport on the Intercités Normandie lines and the TER Normandie lines.

The official SNCF train station Rive Droite of Rouen is here in French: SNCF Rouen Rive Droite train station

The offiicial TER Normandie for Rouen Rive Droite station is here in French: Official TER Normandie for Rouen

Now a bit of history on the train station I like

In 1843, the Rouen-Saint-Sever station was put into service, on the left bank of the Seine, by the Railway Company of Paris to Rouen. The passenger station on rue Verte, on the site of the current station, was put into service in 1847 by the Railway Company of Rouen to Havre. The Art Nouveau style passenger building, was inaugurated in 1928 as the Rouen-Rive-Droite train station of the French National Railway Company (SNCF). The TER Normandie network, served by trains linked to the region, as well as Île-de-France and Hauts-de-France regions. This station is accessible by the underground tramway station Gare-Rue Verte.

The WWI or Great War will delay the progress of the site, which will last until 1928. The new station is conditioned by the layout of the building on the edge of the trench in which are the tracks and the platforms, served by three parallel walkways. The building is monumental in a late Art Nouveau style, to which is added the modernist statement of an exposed concrete structure. The clock tower is 37 meters high.


Some of the conveniences here and they are nice are

At the Rouen Rive Droite SNCF train station, you have in the passenger building, ticket offices, open every day. It has ticket machines for purchasing tickets. It is an “Accès Plus” station which includes facilities, equipment and services for people with reduced mobility. Access to the platforms is by stairs from the station hall. Rouen-Rive-Droite is a mainline station, served by TGV inOui to the stations of Le Havre and Marseille-Saint-Charles, but also Bourg-Saint-Maurice some weekends in winter. It is also a major regional station, served by trains from the Normandy TER network to Le Havre, Dieppe, Yvetot, Caen stations, and, beyond the region, to Paris-Saint-Lazare , Amiens and Lille-Flandres.

The station is a hub for transport exchanges, with service by the Rouen tramway, which has an underground station called Gare-Rue Verte, and by buses from the public transport network of the Rouen agglo region with lines T4, F2, 8, 11 and the Noctambus.

For further info, the city of Rouen in French is here: City of Rouen on tourism

The tourist office of Rouen in English: Tourist office of Rouen

This is one of  my memorable towns in France, came here early on my visits and then living closer came often even for lunch with the family. It is a city to marvel on foot, great architecture and history;see my other posts.  Rouen is nice and the train station is at the level.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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