Ferme du Lapin Compote, Commeny!

Well this is a sad post, I do not recall writing about a closed business or monument but need to do this for family souvenirs and keep it in my blog. As I write about places to see, also about the food and drinks of my belle France.

Let me revive wonderful family times at the Ferme du Lapin Compote in Commeny, Val d’Oise dept 95 of the ïle de France region in my belle France.


Way back from my vault of memories while living in Versailles we of course were on the road warrior mode always. We love the bounties of our belle France and I love rabbits, sorry to eat them in all kinds of forms. One of them was the terrine style. Talking with collegues at work one of them mentioned this farm and well the rest was history.

We came every month to buy the fresh meat chickens and rabbits as well as the terrines, mustard from the Vexin park and other goodies. The town was Commeny , in the parc national regional du Vexin. We came to the Ferme du Lapin Compote right in the center of the village. There was even a ride from the farm in horse wagon in town back to get your purchases and off we went very happy.


It was with great sadness that after leaving for the Morbihan in Bretagne I learned the farm , store had closed! I found out because coming on a trip in the area was thinking of stopping by to provision but got the sad news.

The Ferme du Lapin Compote was a family business, with elevage , raising the rabbits on site with its own laboratory for proper hygiene and a store for selling out to the public. The boutique of the same name sold not only what was made on site but produce from the Vexin national regional park. The owner and creator of the farm was Rémi Longé, and we met him each time there, a nice farmer. The boutique store also closed so he could not sell his products anymore! This was back in 2012 so we had left the area in 2011 but came back in 2012 , the business closed shortly thereafter!


The Ferme du Lapin Compote was there since 1997, reviving the recipe of the lapin compote, a rabbit, onion, white wine and pork belly dish. Little by little, he had developed a whole range of gastronomic products which delighted gourmets like me! His rabbit, but also poultry recipes were the first products stamped with the Vexin Regional Natural Park brand, a promotion label that is respected today.


They had really push the Vexin park to all in the area one major point to come here. The last owners of the Lapin Compote store, Raphaël Palomas and his wife, were shut down only three months after taking over the business ! It turn out in losses from the 2nd month and when asked for help including the Vexin park all doors were closed The boutique was already closed when they came in left abruptly by the previous owners, and they tried to save it but no chance. It is since closed. Too bad!!


One of those nice businesses you patronized for years and feel sad that it closed. We will have the memories of family visits great produce with terrines 90% rabbit meat and just wonderful farm products even honey! I know that I am alone now but one lady will be sad to hear this too as we really enjoyed here; too bad did not mentioned earlier in my posts it really needed credit.

Anyway, it is in my blog. Hope you enjoy the story and do search for the best. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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