The Christuskirche or Church of Christ ,Koblenz

Again back to neighbor Germany and one of our road warrior vacation rides. Actually I have to admit, Koblenz was not planned at all. We were in the Saar by Trier and very much enjoyed the area. However, one day we were thinking where to go next and looking at the map and reading about it in my previous life in travel forums decided to pay a visit. It was a pleasant surprise and we like; several posts on Koblenz in my blog now.

And after so many Catholic churches well now a couple of Protestant Churches back to back in pretty Koblenz. This I missed out as well from previous post so here is my redemption on the The Christuskirche or Church of Christ of Koblenz.


After the removal of the city fortifications at the end of the 19C and the expansion of the city of Koblenz to the south, the Protestant Lutheran community needed a second, central  church next to the Florinskirche (see post). The Christuskirche or Church of Christ was to be inaugurated in 1903 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Koblenz Evangelical Congregation. In reality, this only happened in June 1904. Extensive changes and extensions were made when the church, from 1951-1954 which was badly destroyed in WWII, was rebuilt. Priceless stained glass windows have been lost. Only the neo – Gothic baptismal font and the brass chandeliers remained from the original church. Yes, the post-war organ built in 1955 is one of the best in Germany.

The back part, the so-called “weekday church”, also invites you to linger on weekdays and lets the people here come to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. Different groups use the various rooms, e.g. the gospel choir, the Evangelische Kantorei Koblenz and the trombone choir regularly for their rehearsals. The confirmation work also takes place in the Christuskirche.   Since 1999 the Café Atempause has been opening its doors in the adjoining rooms of the church on Tuesday and Thursday. From 13h to 17h, you can linger here for a moment with coffee and pastries, seek a conversation, take part in various cultural offers or just relax.


The architecture of the Christuskirche had to take into account the Catholic parish churches of St. Joseph and Herz Jesu, which were created at the same time as part of the southern expansion of the city. In contrast to the other two churches, it is deliberately asymmetrical and structured more simply. The brick building with high gable walls has a large area and is clad with sandstone and tuff blocks. A mighty tower rises at the crossroads, which was originally equipped with a much higher roof, but was rebuilt more gently after WWII. The style of the church with just a few portals and tracery windows takes on the peculiarities of late English Gothic. The vaulted porch on the east side of the tower was used to give way to the higher stands.

The interior could not be seen as only open when service is available. However, brochures tells us that the Church of Christ consists of two unequal width naves. After the reconstruction, these were separated from each other by walling. The narrower nave on the east side was originally divided into two floors. The former mesh vault was replaced by a simple ceiling construction. The main room has a surrounding gallery on two sides. A neo-Gothic font and a twelve-arm brass chandelier have been preserved from the original furnishings. A war memorial, created in 1924 , hangs on a column in the form of a tuff sculpture in memory of those who died in WWI. It shows the figure of a armored warrior with a sword over a lion figure and the coat of arms of the city of Koblenz.

The Church of Christ in the parish of Stadtmitte-Vorstadt-Rhens belongs to the Evangelical Parish Koblenz-Mitte, which also includes the Florinskirche (St Florin Church) in the old town and the Evangelical parish hall in Rhens.

As cannot be undestood could not find anything online in English to back up my text taken from German publications, so here are two webpages in German.

The Protestant churches webpage on the Church of Christ in Koblenz: Protestant Churches of Koblezn on the Church of Christ

The Middle Rhine site on the Church of Christ in KoblenzRegional Middle Rhine webpage on the Church of Christ of Koblenz

Hope it helps and do come enjoy the wonderful architecture of the Church of Christ in Koblenz ,another gem in the city by the Moselle/Rhine rivers.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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