General George S. Patton Memorial Museum ,Ettelbruck!

And now let me tell you about a small historical museum tuck away in an off the beaten path town of Luxembourg. I have mentioned it in previous post but again feel that a more detail description is merited. We were in our road warrior trips all over Luxembourg, and notice after the Hamm cemetery there was a museum to Gen Patton,one of the heroes of WWII in my opinion. So we took to the roads again to see the General George S Patton Memorial Museum in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg.


The name of Ettelbruck comes from the German word Atilbriga which means fertile ground. In 1907 , Grand Duke William II gave it the status of City. The town suffers greatlty during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII, finally liberated on Christmas Day, by the 80th US Infantry Division, part of the US 3rd Army led by Gen Patton. The city has been called “Pattonville” as well as the Gate to the Ardennes.

The General George S. Patton Memorial Museum in Ettelbruck honors the general who liberated the town. The museum exhibits photographs, uniforms (both military and prison camp), weapons and documents from the period of Nazi  occupation of Luxembourg (May 1940 to September 1944). The museum was opened on 7 July 1995 and represents a main tourist attraction in Ettelbruck.


In it is also, the oldest Ford dealer in continental Europe ,still there since 1926!

I change habits and tell you about the different webpages that will help you get here and enjoy it; for a stop over road trip it is worth the detour if you are into history as I am.

Official Patton Museum in English: Patton Museum in Ettlebruck

The city of Ettelbruck on the Patton museum in French: City of Ettelbruck on the Patton Museum

The tourist office of Luxembourg on the Patton museum in Ettelbruck in English: Tourist office of Luxembourg on the Patton museum in Ettelbruck

As said the Gen Patton Museum was inaugurated in 1995, the museum pays tribute to General George Patton, commander of the 3rd American army who liberated the city of Ettelbruck in December 1944. More than 1,000 photographs and documents related to the German occupation are exposed, to sides of weapons and pieces of equipment discovered on the battlefield of the Ardennes.


It is structured in three parts: German invasion, occupation and allied liberation; exhibition of weapons and military equipment; and air warfare.


The museum is dedicated to the American General Patton, the commander of the 3th Army, that liberated the city of Ettelbruck, it includes a biography of Gen Patton. A second part of the museum presents numerous weapons and pieces of equipment which have been discovered and searched in recent years on the Ardennes battlefield. Another section of the museum is devoted to air warfare and battles in the sky over Luxembourg.


In the museum, more than 1000 pictures are positioned to take a look at. They will tell you the story ever since the Nazi occupation in 1940 until the American liberation in 1944. The Patton museum give you a clear vision on the weapons used by both countries and the aerial warfare that took place in and above Luxemburg.  Various photographs, documents and authentic objects illustrate the Nazi invasion, repression and persecution, and the liberation of Luxembourg in September 1944.


There a very compact building museum loaded with WWII history artifacts/uniforms and weapons for a complete view of the events in the area of Ettelbruck. A nice family visit and very educational for future generations.

Hope you enjoy the tour of the Patton museum at Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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