Restaurant II, Trier!

So back to my fav Trier, our favorite city in Germany which we have been coming down since the early 1990’s. Plenty written on Trier in my blog , many posts and the city is worth a detour. However, other than the previous restaurant post which we have come back several times, there is another one that need to tell you about.

We were walking the old town area and hungry as usual, look for a place to eat. Trying to eat at other locations we stumbled upon Restaurant Fornelli. 

We came by the B51 road and park on the first parking available that was the Europahalle at the other end of the famous Porta Nigra. This is near the pedestrians street but still a bit away to see the real town.  This is a congress hall but has underground parking very nice ;webpage here: Tourist office Trier on parking see Europahalle


And we had our lunch at restaurant Fornelli at Jakobstr 34 city center Trier. The real thing witnh 17,90€ per person and pizzas from romana , piedmonte,lombardia, and spa Bolognese all with lots of cold beers trierer lowenbrau and paid bottle water panna. The prices were very fair, the waiters friendly; I have nothing to complain about.


The restaurant Fornelli has been in the historic main market in the heart of Trier since 1983! It It will spoil you in a cozy atmosphere with classic Italian cuisine, with crispy pizza, refined pasta variations, as well as with selected Italian specialties from all regions of Italy. The popular fish and meat specialties in particular will conjure up a piece of original, authentic Italian cuisine for you and the Mediterranean delicacies will enchant you!


Of course, the Hauptmarkt or central square is gorgeous with many fountains and statues of great architecture beauty not ready to try to explain it, you just need to come and see it.

The official page of Restaurant Fornelli is here in German : Restaurant Fornelli at Trier

Trier is a nice experience each time in town, the official tourist office with plenty of info in English is here: Tourist office of Trier on things to see

Another pleasant trip to Trier and great mediterranean and Italian food to boot. Hope you enjoy it as we always do. And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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