Old Hotel Faus Hutte, Villanua!

This is a road taken many many times since 1990. It’s nostalgic for me and brings me many good memories now even more. This is the first trip i took with my girlfriend, back in 1990 to show the Frenchie my  Spain; and later my wife Martine for almost 28 yrs before the F cancer took her away from me in 2018. I am talking with deep emotions about a very small town in Aragon, call Villanua. My personal post with photos was done on May 15 2018.

Years go by and we keep traveling by here between France and Spain, even visiting from USA and of course later more once living in France. It all started with the Hotel Faus Hutte at the town’s entrance next to the Repsol gast station, and a beautiful story of friendly Pyrenees mountain welcome on a dreary night by 22h in September 10 1990 just to get to Madrid for my birthday. Over time the hotel owners passed away and first retired and the hotel was change to Hotel Lacasa  ,and we were surprise of the change but still there. Then, by 2016 a new ownership and completely new direction under the name of El Albergue Villanúa . The old Hotel has been renovated in 2016 to convert it into a hostel and offers rustic décor with parquet floors and wood finishes typical of mountain hotels. Despite the reforms carried out, it has maintain its essence and the pure rural style and the decor indeed. They can change the name a thousand times but it will always be our Faus Hutte mountain hotel. Thanks for reading this post.



The new webpage for the Albergue Villanua with the section Collaradeta that is the old Faus Hutte is here in Spanish: Official Albergue Villanua on Collaradeta


A bit more on the quant mountain town of Villanua

Villanúa is in the autonomous community of Aragon, province of Huesca, where the Aragon valley widens. At the foot of Collarada peak  at 2,886 meters .It is a tourist locality near Jaca and the ski resorts of Candanchú and Astún, and 12 km from the French border by the Somport tunnel. Administratively the locality is in the north of Aragon in the area of Jacetania.

Villanúa communicates by the A-23 highway with Zaragoza and Huesca, and with Pamplona by the A-21. However, the old road passing by city center that we love to take each time is the N-330 road. By now the A23 Z40 (beltway of Zaragoza) and the local to the French border N330 are my second home!!

Again a bit of history I like on precious Villanua. The first historical reference of Villanúa appears in the Cartulary of Santa Cruz de la Serós in 992, the creation of this new City, of free men, with lands and rights recognized by the King is earlier, from the 9C, it follows the repopulation with inhabitants of the Bearn and as a counterweight to the Lord of Visigothic ,the origin of village of Aruej   6C who controlled the valley which is opposite Villanúa, although at that time the valley was abandoned. There is a tradition of strong emigration to Latin America and to France of these younger sons who inherited neither house nor land.

The things to see are the small Church of San Esteban .This church dates from the 11C, but various modifications, particularly in the 17C, made it lose its original Romanesque characteristics. The historic center of Villanua has preserved the evidence of a bygone era, the fountain of the four sources, the old city/town hall with its portal and its Gothic openings, the coats of arms on the houses, the alleys, and passages, the stables transformed into homes.

The cave of “Las Güixas”, with the area characteristic of limestone subsoil of Villanúa and its neighbour Borau, develops the underground network of Lecherines, whose total depth exceeds one thousand meters and the length exceeds fifteen km. More on the caves here in English: Tourist office of the Jaca area or jacetania on the cave

The dolmens, the railway viaduct, the hermitage of San Juan and the abandoned villages of Cenarbe and Aruej, with its small Romanesque church of the 11C are reasons to walk in this territory crossed by the Aragón river and by the Camino Aragones, itinerary of the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, with its pilgrim fountain. There is plenty of nature walks here with guides into the Pyrenées.


The city of Villanua on its location: City of Villanua on location

Tourist office of Villanua on things to do in Spanish : Tourist office Villanua on things to do

Tourist office of Aragon on the Pyrénées and mention of Villanua in English: Tourist office of Aragon and Villanua

And now feel better in showing this sentimental spot of my beloved Spain, Villanua will always be in my heart. It is a beautiful natural spot where our Earth can be seen at its fullest , mountain walks, and wonderful skiing as well as gorgeous caves and a huge mountain tunnel. Recommended for the whole family, enjoy Villanua and Jacetania and Aragon of my Spain.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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