A restaurant and bulls of San Clemente!

So coming back to one of my fav regions of my beloved Spain with many memorable family moments over the years. Of course, I have written many posts on the area and its towns but sometime I feel did it in a general way . I would like to give them life in a more detail post of some of the things to see we liked.

This is the case of the town of San Clemente, in the province of Cuenca, Autonomous Region of Castilla La Mancha, Kingdom of Spain. A memorable restaurant and the bullfighting arena. For reference, San Clemente is located in the south of the province of Cuenca, 110 kilometers from the capital city of Cuenca, and 80 from Albacete, on the banks of the Rus River and at the convergence of highways A-43 and AP-36(toll). Although we came on the N310 from Villanueva de la Jara.

San Clemente

The restaurant bar Cerveceria El Carmen is on the Plaza del Carmen a relatively off the beaten path town and restaurant. We were on our road warrior tour of the region and decided to take a look what was there and of course once in town felled hungry. We saw this quant resto right on the square with a nice statue of local workers in rather residential area. Looking for the real my Spain told the fam this is the place to stop and eat. It was and still is a memorable moment in our lives , the whole family enjoyed very much and cheers of beer glasses followed by a great local food in a very friendly family environment we love so much. This one is one for a lifetime with my dear late wife Martine and boys; already looking forward to travel again and pass by here again, recommended.

San Clemente

San Clemente

The Cerveceria El Carmen where we had our lunch for the day !  Plenty of tapas chorizos fritos, tortillas de patata, ham croquettes, etc and the nice cold beers just what the summer calls for it,and all under 9€ per person! Nice ::)

San Clemente

San Clemente

There is no webpage only mentioned in the San Clemente tourist office here:  Tourist office of San Clemente on restos bars and El Carmen

This is an independent webpage restaurant guru on the Meson El Carmen: https://es.restaurantguru.com/Cerveceria-Taperia-Carmen-San-Clemente-Castile-La-Mancha

At the town, there were nice monuments many already mentioned in previous post on San Clemente but for the purist in me, the Plaza de Toros was nice.

San Clemente

The Plaza de Toros of San Clemente was built in 1908, and known as La Carmencita for emulating the bullfighting arena in Valencia in a small way. It was inaugurated on August 29, 1908. After a deep and complete restoration, it was reopened on April 23, 1995 in a poster formed by “El Litri”, “El Cordobes” and Adolfo de Reyes who fought cattle of Mariano Sanz Jiménez.

San Clemente

One more reason for celebration around traditional bullfighting of this town, which dates back centuries, with documentation that testifies to this bullfighting hobby as early as 1538. The plaza de Toros of San Clemente has walls of rammed earth with brick surrounds and stone plinth with a crowned crown of rammed earth and pointed arches in all gaps. The geometric decoration predominates, mainly the rhombus. Three pediments crown the main access.

San Clemente

The city of San Clemente with a virtual view of the Plaza de Toros: City of San Clemente virtual view of Plaza de Toros

Toursit office of San Clemente with civil monuments to see as the Plaza de Toros in Spanish: Tourist office of San Clemente on plaza de toros

City of San Clemente with a general view of what to see in Spanish: City of San Clemente on things to see

And there you go a one two punch visit to quant off the beaten path San Clemente; you read it here in my blog and recommended to all. One of the routes of Don Quijote as well; the eternal dreamer of Castilla La Mancha, this in Spanish here: Ruta de Quijote on San Clemente

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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