The little train of Cuenca!

Ok here is a subject of diverse opinions. I have mentioned before these are good for an initial trip on a city so we may come back for in depth look after. However, on some hilly towns they are a good way to move especially if you can get off and on. Let me tell you about one of our favorite after many visits to the city of Cuenca and its little tourist train! Tren Turistico de Cuenca, in the Province of Cuenca, and Autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha!

In Castilla-La Mancha is located one of the treasures of Spain. The city of Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will make us fall in love with its impressive historic center, its Cathedral, the Casas Colgadas or Hanging Houses and its cobbled streets. Religious music, art, history, adventure sports, among many other charms of the place will invite you to discover Cuenca in detail and style. One of the best walks you can do during your visit to this city will be on board the Tren Turistico or little tourist train. This picturesque and handsome vehicle will take you to some of the most visited monuments.

The Cuenca little tourist train offers you a single route that lasts 60 minutes and passes through the main attractions of the city. The tour begins at the old Castillo de Cuenca, passing by the Plaza Mayor, calle Calderón de la Barca ; Plaza del Trabuco and the Auditorium. The route of this train allows you to get off near the tourist attractions such as the San Julián Park, the Cathedral or the Casas Colgadas.


Do so with the family and it is sublime, Cuenca and especially the noted Unesco sites are on hills , steep and cobblestone streets walking is sublime but after a long day , taken a ride on the little tourist train is awesome. Hope you enjoy it too.

The official Tren Turistico webpage in Spanish is here: Tren Turistico de Cuenca

The tourist office of Cuenca on the routes to take even on foot or train: Tourist office of Cuenca route walks

Bear in mind early 2020 it was decided and agreed by the regional government and RENFE to offer more of this trains in a bigger scale call ‘Tourist Trains of Castilla-La Mancha. They will be an addition to the one already in existence at Sigüenza which from May 2020 will connect destinations such as Campo de Criptana, Almagro and Valdepeñas in the province of Ciudad Real; Albacete and Alcalá del Júcar in the province of Albacete; and in Cuenca. These of course pending the new health situation worldwide that is affecting greatly Spain.

Hope you enjoy taking one of these rides in the future, we do look forward to get back to them and go up those hilly steep streets of Cuenca with the Tren Turistico.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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  1. BAH! I hate those tourist trains!


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