Always more on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux !!!

Oh this is wonderful unique Gothic in France. I am thrill to tell you it is in my beloved city of Meaux and a place never missed when in town, and we have been there so many times as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine. I have written several posts , but this new text and pictures from this week so therefore, here is my take again on the cathedral . Always more on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux !!!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The current Cathédrale Saint Etienne was built on the site of an old Romanesque cathedral. It is now impossible to date precisely the beginnings of the reconstruction of the cathedral, following the destruction of the archives of the bishopric in 1793-94 (during the French revolution). However, it can estimate that it began around 1175.  The construction of the Cathédrale Saint Etienne began in the 12C and was completed three centuries later with the construction of the north tower at 60 meters high. The cathedral thus combines the different phases of Gothic, from the classical style of the end of the 12C to the flamboyant style of the 15C.

Meaux Cat St Etienne nave to altar may23

The south tower, also nicknamed the Tour Noire or black tower, is intriguing. The 60-meter-high north tower is the last completed architectural element. A second tower should have been erected on the south side. Pending the work, a tower made of wood had been installed to temporarily install the bells.  Five centuries later, the one nicknamed the black tower is still in place and has become definitive.  It has many things to see but the most remarkable are the stained glass of the Crucifixion (14C), the grand Rosary window (15C), a wonderful organ (17C) The original organ dates from the 17C and the buffet is from 1627 and was one of the most important of its time. The Saint Stephens Cathedral has dimensions of 85 meters on the interior. The height of the North tower: 60 meters, (against 69 for Paris). The height under the vault of the nave: 31 meters.

Meaux Cat St Etienne nord tower may23

Meaux Cat St Etienne back from garden may23

The interior of the St Stephens’ Cathedral is remarkable for its luminosity and the delicacy of its sculpted ornamentation. One of the most important characteristics of the sanctuary, which is found nowhere else in another Gothic cathedral, is the height of the vaults of the aisles which reach more or less 15 meters, half that of the main nave. T hese being equipped with high bays, the light penetrates in abundance in the heart of the cathedral and thus reveals the color of the stone of Varreddes, used in the construction.

Meaux Cat St Etienne side altar may23

The nave and the choir have 5 nerfs, as in ND de Paris. The central nave is bordered on either side by 2 aisles or collaterals. It is only at the level of the apse that the ambulatory is reduced to a single nerf in a semicircle, which follows the internal ambulatory of the rectangular part of the choir, the external part of the latter being replaced by the radiant chapels 5 in number. The reverses of the facades of the transept are particularly remarkable and of great beauty, especially in the southern transept. They are richly decorated and feature real fabrics or stone embroidery. They are partly inspired by Paris, but the style here is more refined and the ornamentation is richer.

Meaux Cat St Etienne altar bishops chair left may23

Meaux Cat St Etienne altar bishops chair right may23

The height under the vaults, at the place of the choir, reaches up to 33 meters. Saint Etienne, to whom the cathedral is dedicated, is represented on the portals of the south and north transepts. Other themes are also illustrated: Last Judgment on the tympanum of the central portal, Life of the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist on the south portal. A single 13C glass roof adorns the high window of the apse and represents Christ on the Cross, the martyrdom of Saint Etienne and the beheading of Saint Denis. .

The cathedrals of Meldoise (locals Meaux) and Paris maintain close relations. The southern gate of that of Meaux is a copy of the southern gate of that of Paris. Construction of the Parisienne only began twelve years before that of the Meldoise, in 1163 and 1175 respectively. The framework is original, as was that of Notre-Dame de Paris. These are two closely related cathedrals. The frame, in old oak, is particularly watched , The firefighters of Meaux pay great attention to the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux. They make four to six visits per year and one maneuver per year to train, in the event of a disaster.

The Meaux Marne Ourcq tourist office on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne

The Diocese of Meaux on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne (St Stephens):

The city of Meaux on the cathedral

There you go folks, again,more of the always more wonderful Cathédrale Saint Etienne of Meaux ; the beautiful cathedral is a marvel of France and a must visit. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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