The Palais Jacques Coeur of Bourges !!

And here I am again, reveling of the history and monuments of my belle France. I updating this older post of a wonderful monument that must be visited in Bourges, Let me bring you back to quant pretty Bourges , in the Cher dept 18 of the Centre Val de Loire region of my belle France, The showcase is the wonderful Palais Jacques Coeur of Bourges. Hope you enjoy it as I.


A major figure in Bourges and France. Jacques Coeur son of a curtain merchant and a famous citizen of the city of Bourges, worked with his father as supplier to the ducal court and had a fast rise to fame; also marries the daughter of the provost of Bourges, Macée de Léodepart. Later, participates in the making of currency money and becomes the financier of the king or supplier of the Royal court as well as developing an international commercial network enabling him to set up money counters and a navy. However, this fortune becomes too big and bring jealousy of the King Charles VII which leads to the lost of it. He is condemn by Royal justice and becomes a fugitive, later bankrupt finding refuge with the Pope Nicolas V. All his properties were confiscated and sold for the profit of the king and he dies in exile in 1456. The most remarkable trace left in the city is that of the wonderful Palais Jacques Coeur.


The Palais Jacques Coeur was the financier and enthusiast citizen of Bourges emblematic home. Built between 1443 to 1451 , it was considered  as the best example of a private urban building. It was confiscated by the king in 1451 after Jacques Coeur was arrested (he died in the ile de Chios in 1456 after taking part in a crusade vs the Turks)  and given back to the family in 1457, Colbert was its last private owner who sold it to the city in 1682. After it became the Hotel de Ville or mayors office then the seat of the tribunal or courthouse where many modifications were made between 1820 and 1830. In 1923 the State or France buys the building, where today is a national historical monument and open to the public.

The beautiful facade given to the street level across from the today Hotel de Ville, an interior courtyard showing the principal logis and the central towers, the magnificent decorated interiors such as the salle des festins or grand reception room for feasts, petite cuisine or heating room and shower room, the Salle d’Apparat, where the audiences were held  of the royal court in 1822, where Raspail amongst others were judge after their insurrection in 1848, the Cabinet des échevins in the donjon tower, showing the first money coined by Jacques Coeur, the Chambre des Galées showing the sea trials and combats of Jacques Coeur, the Cabinet de Travail, or study room, the Chapelle lovingly restored in 1869 all interwined with beautiful galleries of paintings and objects d’arts. Very nice indeed,  a must to visit!!


The official Palais Jacques Coeur :

The Bourges tourist office on the palace :

There you go folks, this is wonderful building and a must to visit while in the area.  The Palais Jacques Coeur ,we love it, and planning a repeat visit already. Again, hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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