More of the National Domain of Chambord !!!

As I would never be tired to write about Chambord !!! This is a new post with older pictures again found in my vault that should be in my blog, I have several posts on the castle of Chambord but never enough me think, the material on it is huge. Sorry if I repeat myself on the text as try to condense as much as possible the information, You must come to see it , a must in my belle France, Therefore, let me show you a bit more on the National Domain of Chambord and its prime jewel, the Château de Chambord !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.


For reference, the Domaine National de Chambord is a wonderful huge castle/park in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Department Loire-et-Cher no. 41. It is only 14 km from Blois, 47 km from Orleans, and 164 km from Paris (about 101 miles). It is 381 km (about 236 miles) from my house. You get here by car best, as the road D33 crosses the domain ; also on the autoroute/highway A10 exit/sortie 16 you are only 14 km from the castle.


Built in the heart of the largest enclosed forest park in Europe with approximately 50 km2 surrounded by a 32 km long wall, it is the largest of the Loire castles. Chambord is the only royal domain still intact since its creation ! The name Chambord comes from the Gaulish cambo-rito, meaning “passage over the curve”; it is a ford in the bend of a river. This ford creates a swamp on which was built a bridge mentioned in 1307 in the will of the Count of Blois, Hugh II of Blois-Châtillon, then owner of the land. The site first hosted a feudal mound, as well as the former fort of the Counts of Blois. The current castle dates back to the 16C and the reign of King Francis I, who supervised its construction from 1519,


On each floor, around the staircase, there are 4 vestibules forming a cross. These rooms distribute 4 perfectly identical living quarters. You can discover, for example, the parade apartment, the queen’s apartment, the home of François 1er, the trophy room, etc. On each floor, it is possible to discover the wings of the castle with its chapel, its beautiful staircases. The visit ends with the terraces at the top of the castle which offer a panoramic view of the gardens and the beautiful roof. When you arrive at the top floor of the double spiral staircase, you discover the 56 meters high lantern tower which is surmounted by the fleur-de-lys (symbol of the kings of France).


First installed in the dungeon, François I transferred his home to the east wing, accessible by a gallery and a spiral staircase. The wing is composed of two bedrooms, two cabinets, a small oratory and a council room of 270 m2.


In 1680, in order to comply with the rules of etiquette in force during his reign, Louis XIV united the two apartments located along the north facade by condemning the north vestibule. The apartment later becomes a parade apartment. It is visited today as it was decorated for the Marshal of Saxe.



Occupied successively by Marie-Thérèse of Austria and Madame de Maintenon, the Queen’s apartment is located in the tower adjacent to the King’s apartment. It would later serve as a 19C dining room for the Duchess of Berry.


On the second floor of the castle is the museum of hunting and nature since 1971.



The castle also offers: a show of horses and birds of prey (April 30 – September 30, at 11h45 or 16h for 45 mins ; horse-drawn carriage rides for 45 min for adults; electric carts for 4 people for 2h, license required); boat rental for 1h, electric boat: for 30 mins or electric boat up to 5 people); bike rental, and a Rosalie. Check ahead for hours and prices,

The official Domaine National de Chambord on the castle :

The local Blois-Chambord tourist office on the castle

The Loir-et-Cher dept 41 tourist office on Chambord castle:

There you go folks , a wonderful huge castle to be seen, a must !! Glad to have my humble story on the Château de Chambord for its beauty, architecture and history of France, We have really enjoy this family trip and loaded up on local products . Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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