The Salon de l’Œil-de-Bœuf of the Château de Versailles !!!

A wonderful subject for me as lived in the city of Versailles by the Notre Dame Church for 9+ years before moving on to the MorbihanVersailles will always be in our hearts, it was our first owned home in France!  Go ahead and see the City ,but do not miss the palace/museum for anything as the Domaine of Versailles is awesome ! Let me tell you about the wonderful favorite rooms of mine, this time the Salon de l’Œil-de-Bœuf . Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Salon de l’Œil-de-Bœuf is located south of the Hall of Mirrors. It overlooks the Queen’s Grand Apartment. in the Château de Versailles, located in the dept 78 of Yvelines,in the region of Île-de-France and in my belle France.


The Salon de l’Œil-de-Bœuf or the ox-eye second room of the royal apartment. It is a strategic point of the royal apartment: to the north, it leads to the king’s bedroom; In the West, high mirrors doors open directly to the Hall of Mirrors and allow courtiers to enter or leave the king; On the south wall, to the right of the window, a door leads directly to the Queen, while a staircase, opening on the east wall, leads to the Dauphin’s apartment, located on the ground floor.

The second antechamber of the royal apartment, the Salon de l’Œil-de-Bœuf takes its name from the rounded window that gives light to the room on the south side. Originally, this room contained two, separated by a partition: the antechamber and the King’s bedroom, whose bed was placed in the corner to the left of the current fireplace. Embarrassed by the small size of these rooms, which struggled to contain all the courtiers present when he got up and went to bed, Louis XIV decided in 1701 to have the wall knocked down, to combine the two rooms into one and to move his bedroom. in the next room which was then only a living room. The decoration which reigns in the room testifies, like that of the preceding rooms, to the evolution of the personal taste of the king, who, at the turn of the century, abandons the rich marble decorations and the painted ceilings for the white ceilings and the gilded woodwork. . A frieze of children’s games reigns at the level of the cornice.

It is indeed in this room that the personalities having the privilege of attending the small and large levies of the king waited. They entered the sovereign’s room according to a codified ceremonial, we speak of “entrances”. Each entrance was reserved for members of the King’s entourage according to his rank or function with the Crown. Six entries were thus observed daily. For example, during the first entries, called “familiar”, we welcome the doctor, the surgeon and the royal children or later courtiers chosen at the discretion of the sovereign during the fifth entries. At the Palace of Versailles, a major restoration of one of the most emblematic pieces of the reign of Louis XIV began in February 2023. Built in 1701, the antechamber of the Salon de lŒil-de-Bœuf has a unique decor, at the transition between the Louis XIV and Louis XV styles. This complete restoration will last one year.

The official Château de Versailles :

The Versailles tourist office on the palace of Versailles :

There you go folks, a magnificent palace that all should see in your lifetime at least once, The history of France is here,and the architecture not the least , a masterpiece for the whole world to see. We shall be back eventually to my former City of glorious memories for all, Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Salon de lŒil-de-Bœuf as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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