The Salon des Nobles of the Château de Versailles !!!

A wonderful subject for me as lived in the city of Versailles by the Notre Dame Church for 9+ years before moving on to the MorbihanVersailles will always be in our hearts, it was our first owned home in France!  Go ahead and see the City ,but do not miss the palace/museum for anything as the Domaine of Versailles is awesome ! Let me tell you about the wonderful favorite rooms of mine, this time the Salon des Nobles. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Salon des Nobles is a salon in the Grand Appartement de la Reine The salon is located between the antechamber of the Grand Couvert and the Queen’s bedroom and served as the second antechamber of the apartment. Of course, it is in the Château de Versailles, in the dept 78 Yvelines, in the Île-de-France region of my belle France.

The Salon de Nobles or nobles’ room is the antechamber under Queen Marie-Thérèse, it was in this room that Mary Leszczinska granted her solemn hearings, seated under a dais. She also held her circle, as we called this time of conversation settled with the ladies of the court. Marie Antoinette had the decoration remade entirely, preserving only the paintings of the ceiling, and for her, the walls of Damascus green apple bordered with a large gold braid. 


When the antechamber of the Grand Couvert was still a guard room, the Salon des Nobles served as the sole antechamber for the queen. It then becomes the apartment’s second antechamber, preceding the sovereign’s bedroom. It is also called the Queen’s Salon or the Queen’s Grand Cabinet. This is where the Queen of France or the Dauphines who occupied the apartment gave their audiences and held their circle. The queen’s armchair is placed at the back of the room, facing the windows, surrounded by the folding chairs reserved for the circle of ladies of the court. It was customary, when a queen or a dauphine died at the castle, to expose the coffin there for a few days, as in February 1712, after the death of the Duchess of Burgundy. The coffin of her husband, who died six days later, was exhibited with that of his wife.

The Salon des Nobles underwent transformations in 1785, under the direction of Richard Mique. The walls have low white and gold paneling and are hung with green silk trimmed with gold. Marie-Antoinette also had a fireplace in turquin blue marble installed and new furniture by Riesener such as chests of drawers and corner cupboards installed. The fireplace and furniture with the exception of a dresser not found were put back in the 1960s, The ceiling remains that known to Queen Marie-Thérèse , like the living room of the King’s Grand Apartment, exactly symmetrical to the north, it is dedicated to the god Mercury. The central composition depicts Mercury spreading its influence over the arts and sciences. The arches are each decorated with a composition illustrating great female figures from Antiquity,

The official Château de Versailles :

The Versailles tourist office on the palace of Versailles:

There you go folks, a magnificent palace that all should see in your lifetime at least once, The history of France is here,and the architecture not the least , a masterpiece for the whole world to see. We shall be back eventually to my former City of glorious memories for all, Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Salon de Nobles as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Oh, I was there again a few weeks ago, it is always a beautiful time in Versailles.

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