The Bassin de la Pyramide in the Château de Versailles !!

I bring you back to something very familiar. I have written many posts in my blog about my previous glorious town of Versailles; the choices are a lot more than the palace, indeed , I need to say the Palace/museum of Versailles is worth a kingdom and many things to see that require more than two days to see it all . My nostalgic Versailles is the préfecture capital city of the department 78 Yvelines, in the Île de France region of my belle France.

I like to come back to tell you a bit more on an important element of the Domaine of Versailles, the Bassin de la Pyramide. Hope you enjoy the post as I


The Bassin de la Pyramide is a basin in the gardens of the palace/museum of Versailles, located at the crossroads of the Allée de Cérès-et-de-Flore and the Allée d’Eau, It is really at the top end of the Allée d’Eau, and is supposed to embody the culmination of the Apollonian quest. Indeed, after having killed the snake Python, Apollo goes up under the acclamations of the children and other groups of the Alley of Water, to reach the Pyramid, symbol of knowledge, which represents the temple of Delphi where is the famous Pythia. This quest initially ended at the cave of Tethys where the god rested and left himself in the hands of the nymphs.

The Bassin de la Pyramide was dug in 1668, and adopted a circular shape in 1683. The lead pyramid is made up of four floors, all supported on powerful lion paws. The Pyramide is made of lead, made up of 4 round basins that form it. The first is supported on the four main faces by large lion’s paws placed on a base, between each of which are 4 large tritons in action to play. The second basin is supported by 4 newt children who pose in the first, between each of which are attached scallops of shells which pass over the head of the said children. The third basin is supported by 4 dolphins from the tail of which leave festoons of leaves. The fourth is supported by 4 crayfish, above which basin is a vase from which the sheaf of water comes out

The Château de Versailles on the Bassin de la Pyramide :

The official Château de Versailles on the Grandes Eaux Musicales or music gardens show

The magazine of the Château de Versailles :

There you go folks, it is a wonderful basin, and we have many souvenirs of walking by it. The Bassin de la Pyramide basin is one of the hightlights of the gardens at the Domaine de Versailles. Again, hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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