My fav restaurants of Versailles !!!

I am with the resto bug, and thought about my dear Versailles on a quiet Saturday, The memories flashing as always when I write about my Versailles, my former town, where I lived for 9 years+ , and it’s time to tell you a bit more about my most visited favorite hangouts for eating out in town. Therefore, here are my fav 3 restaurants in my dear Versailles !! Hope you enjoy them as I

I love to eat out and even if lately have slow down a bit as lonely life imposed still indulge myself with my boys to do so now in my beautiful Morbihan, I have been to many all over the world ,and while in Versailles these were it. So, without further ados, here is my fav 3 of glorious royal Versailles, capital of the Yvelines dept 78 in the Île de France region of my belle France.

The wonderful Le Boeuf à la Mode, 4 Rue au Pain, this is the sublime cozy romantic, French traditional restaurant of old I like to seek and keep. It was our favorite while there. Very near Castle on the marche Notre Dame area tuck away in rue au pain ,but well known. You wont go wrong here for an evening in Versailles. 


The Le Bœuf à la Mode, a must-see restaurant , welcomes you in an authentic 1930s bistro decor. It will offer you traditional cuisine and a menu based on market products. This restaurant offers refined and quality cuisine. Maître Restaurateur since January 2013, the restaurant is committed to keeping its “brasserie spirit”, its original and comfortable setting of the 1930s. Innovating while respecting traditions, such is the credo that makes its success . Lovers of traditional French cuisine are served. The old and authentic setting and decor give a friendly and warm spirit to this place. Wonderful a must me think…..


The official Le Boeuf à la Mode:

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Le Boeuf à la Mode

The Au Chien qui Fume, 72 rue de la paroisse, near Church Notre Dame and marché Notre Dame (see posts). A great institution of the highest French culinary experience, great for dinner,you can’t go wrong here.  Here since 1839 serving delicious oyesters dishes.  This is one of the oldest bistros in Versailles: it’s been around since 1839! We appreciated it for its retro, hushed style and its atypical decor: paintings of smoking dogs line the walls. For the record, the founder of the place entrusted his pipe to his dog! The setting is extremely pleasant with its many painted portraits of dogs and the jazz music that accompanies your meal in the background. Two rooms are available, one on the ground floor and the other upstairs. This restaurant was great , and the workers were probably some of the nicest people around.

Versailles au chien qui fume resto jan11

The official Au Chien qui Fume :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Au Chien qui Fume

We came here first as the Tavern of Maître Kanter, a chain of Alsacien type style restaurants. It was located at 5 Rue Colbert , a small side street left of the Château de Versailles in the Notre Dame district (my former).  In the old Colbert Hotel that Louis XIV built to his chief minister, the former residence of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the decor of the tavern is faithful to the tradition of the sign: purple, wood, mirrors, fountain and abundant shellfish pond.  Sadly, the resto as the chain has closed.

versailles maitre kanter inside ent nov12

There is something else there thus, Opposite the Palace of Versailles, in the shade of the lime trees on the back alley, hides the beautiful and peaceful private mansion of Colbert de Villacerf. In this place steeped in history, the Hôtel de France, when the Maître Kanter’s tavern was open every day until midnight, On fine days, service on the terrace with 20 seats. Now, the hotel can be rented for private or business gathering as well, There is a large room of 280 m² , the Le Salon des Glaces, a faithful reproduction of its illustrious neighbor La Galerie des Glaces du Château de Versailles ! , and renovated by the current owner, has kept its original parquet floor , its moldings, its chandeliers and its huge mirrors. The Salon Napoleon III is another wonderful spot. All spaces are air-conditioned and in daylight, with balcony overlooking the Palace of Versailles !! Sublime !

versailles maitre kanter patio ave colbert nov12

The property Hôtel de France where the resto was:

There you go folks, 3 of my favorite hangouts when in Versailles, Sadly one is gone but the other stay strong and worth the detour, meaning recommended by yours truly, There are many ,but these are the ones went the most while there for a good reason. Again, hope you enjoy the post and the restaurants as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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