The Church Saint-Michel of Pont L’Evêque !!

This was a find on a previous passing thru and now finally in town, I like to tell you about the marvels of quant old Pont-L’Evêque. The town of Pont-l’Evêque is in the department of Calvados no 14 of the region of Normandie in my belle France. I came along the D579 road from Honfleur, this time, See my other post on the town in my blog,and my young twins below pic ! Let me tell you about the Church Saint Michel of Pont lEvêque. Hope you enjoy the post as I

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel front apr23

The Church Saint-Michel on the Place de l’Eglise, The church dates from the 15C. It was built thanks to the tithes of Jean V de Pouchin, baron of Joncquerets de Ferriére and Clermont en Auge, at the request of the bishop. It was seriously damaged during the fighting for the liberation of the city in 1944 (WWII). It was gradually restored.

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel belltower side apr23

The Church Saint Michel in Flamboyant Gothic style as regards its nave and choir, the northern part of St Michel’s Church dates from the 15C, while its southern facade, modified in the 19C, remains in the Gothic spirit but with more elaborate ornamentation. Its relatively massive western tower must probably date from the 13C.

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel back apr23

The Church Saint Michel was built between 1480 and 1530, and belongs to a family of important late Gothic religious buildings in Lower Normandy. The church has a layout with three naves without a transept, with a large facade tower, three-level elevation, the presence of a decoration of liernes and tercerons and hanging keys in the vaults of the side aisles, very representative of Flamboyant Gothic, but quite rare in Lower Normandy.

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel nave to altar apr23

Originally, in the 11C, there was a chapel already dedicated to Saint-Michel by the monks of Saint-Hymer. The church tower from the 13C and nave from the 14C , built in Caen stone, dominates by its imposing volumes, the central island. Take the height or step back from the city center, you will see the church in a green setting. This characteristic image inspired the former mayor of Pont-l’Evêque, Dr Jean Bureau, who nicknamed it “La cathédrale des herbages” or the cathedral of grasslands. During its history, it was damaged and destroyed 3 times: during the 100 years war, during the wars of religion and during WWII.

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel pulpit apr23

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel baptismal font et portrait apr23

Inside, the stone vault and the triforium of the great nave date from the restoration of 1888. The cylindrical pillars without capitals receive the ribs of large arcades. Above the arcades, the side walls are lined with a narrow ornamental gallery. The gallery is surmounted by windows pierced in the upper part. The side aisles contrast with the sobriety of the great nave. The Renaissance left voluminous finely carved pendentives near the choir. The medieval stained glass windows, destroyed in August 1944, gave way to abstract stained glass windows in 1964. in the tower. Some locals recognized their ancestors on the painting. The painter appears there himself (in profile in front of the Swiss guard). The stained glass: Tree of Jesse, Death of Saint Gregory circa 1525, Ascension, Annunciation, Tree of Saint Anne, Nativity , top of choir c. 1540, preaching of jesus, Ascension and Pentecost. glazing painted around 1560 , White glazing decorated with “fermaillets”, by Binet 1619, Nice

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel chapel saint apr23
Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel chapel st michel apr23
A large organ built in 1765 by J.B.N. Lefebvre, disappeared in 1944 (WWII). It was replaced in 1958 by a 28-stop neo-classical Haerpfer-Erman organ.

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel organ back apr23

Pont l'eveque ch Saint michel organ choir apr23

The town of Pont l’Evêque on the Church Saint Michel

The local Terre d’Auge tourist office on the Church Saint Michel

There you go folks, another dandy off the beaten path of my belle France, These are road warrior towns because we passed rather quickly, glad we stop by today, worth the detour we like it, Again, hope you enjoy this post on the Church Saint Michel of Pont l’Evêque as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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