The Hôtel de la Sirene of Meaux !

This is a town very personal for me but really needs to be seen more by visitors, I will tell you again about Meaux and its monuments ; this time the old Hôtel de la Sirene, You will find wonderful historical and architectural buildings here and now very close and inexpensive jump to Disneyland Paris, Hope you enjoy the post as I

The Hôtel de la Sirene is located at 33 rue du Général Leclerc, there is a monumental gate, quite elegant. A porte-cochere leading into a small courtyard, overlooking the Hôtel de la Sirène. The view of the courtyard on the street through the large porch is original. If you push a little further behind the building, you will have a pretty nice view of the glass-paved rotunda of the Match parking silo supermarket ! This rotunda is also visible from the end of the Impasse du Tan.


The Hôtel de la Sirene received Jacques Chirac in 1978, when he had just been elected mayor of Paris a year earlier, Jacques Chirac, president of the RPR, (Rassemblement pour la République ) , he came to support a local legislative candidate. After a speech in the large hall of the Hôtel de La Sirène, he had enjoyed a walkabout in front of the St Etienne Cathedral. Again, in April 1987, then Prime Minister, he signed the agreement with the CEO of the Walt Disney Company for the creation of the amusement park, (yes all started in Meaux!!) the tourist complex and the development of the IV Marne La Vallée sector. He returned to Meaux in 1995 as part of the presidential campaign,

A bit of its past history I like tell us that the hotel was built around 1740 for François de Marin, lord of Moncamp ,and his wife Marie-Jeanne Trois-Valets. It was occupied by the Prussians in 1870 and the Nazis in 1940 ; thereafter by the Americans at the liberation of France, The architecture seems very homogeneous, but the locksmith banister of the staircase adopts a design which, in Parisian hotels, goes back rather to the 17C. This relative archaism should probably be interpreted as the work of a local locksmith. During the French revolution, the building became a hotel for travelers under the name of Grand Hôtel then Hôtel Impérial, then Hôtel des Six-Reines, and finally, Hôtel de la Sirène. It retained this function until 1986. It has now been converted into private apartments.

The City of Meaux on its history

The Meaux tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy off the beaten path building that even if in private hands, the architecture and history of it merits a stop over while in historical Meaux, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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