My favorite beaches of Lacanau-Océan !!!

Let me tell you a bit more on Lacanau-Océan in the Médoc ,as found me pictures not yet in my blog ,and they should. Do see my other posts on the are in my blog.  This an area we love so much and spent many summers there. This is a bit of a mix bag for me as can combine the best wine in the world with beautiful beaches. For quick reference, Lacanau-Océan is located in the Gironde dept. 33, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.  It is located 42 km from Bordeaux.

However, unless you are surfer, most do not know that  to the west of the Gironde river is the wonderful Atlantic ocean and its gorgeous beaches of the Médoc peninsula. Be aware, there are two towns here, the beaches are in Lacanau-Océan, and the inland town by the lake is Lacanau Ville the city proper.

Lacanau ocean plage centrale folks c2000

The Ocean coast of the Médoc offers a line of more than 100 km of beaches made of fine sand !!! There is a line up of beaches in the Lacanau area from south to north, you have 18 km with the  Plage Sud, Plage Centrale, and Plage Nord. The Centrale is more crowded as it is in town center, the others are less ; we love the plage Nord or north beach, The surfing is king here and world renown indeed.

Lacanau ocean plage nord c2000

The town of Lacanau on its three areas City, lake, and beaches

My fav Plages TV site on beaches for Lacanau:

The Médoc Atlantique tourist office on the beaches of Lacanau:

The Gironde dept 33 tourist office on the Médoc

There you go folks, this is wonderful Lacanau Océan beaches and al, many nice memories of family vacations there that will endure for life and hoping you can try them too and enjoy them as we did and will again,eventually.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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