The old castle of Cuenca !!!

This is a thrill trip of many years , and repeat visits to Cuenca with the family. Memories of always in my heart. We walked all over even steep cobblestones streets and in summer! I have written on the old castle but found me some new older pictures not in my blog and they should,Plenty in my blog on Cuenca ! Therefore, here is my new take on the old castle of Cuenca ,Hope you enjoy it as I.

For reference, this is Cuenca, in the province of Cuenca, and the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha in the kingdom of Spain , This is pretty old ruins overlooking a wonderful view of the city of Cuenca canyons. This is the remnants of an old castle that is worth a detour. We came to love this town after staying nearby for a couple times in our trips down to sunny SpainThe Castillo district is a small suburb located just outside the walls and built of houses of local style, Of medieval origin, the working-class suburbs of San Antón (located on the other side of the Júcar) and of Los Tiradores complete the fortress that is the upper town. The importance lies not in the individual buildings but in the overall effect, that of urban landscapes made up of narrow, winding alleys adapting to the very steep topography and constituting a choice foreground for the upper town.

The Castillo or castle origins dates back to the Arabs to be conquered by Alfonso VIII in 1177, who changed its structure to that of a medieval Christian fortress. In 1325 King Alfonso XI gave it to Don Juan, son of Don Juan Manuel. In the 16C it was ceded to the Inquisition, hosting the headquarters of the Inquisition Court in an annex building. Finally, the Catholic Monarchs (Fernando y Isabel ) ordered its demolition, perhaps to destroy the defensive places of the feudal lords to end their intrigues and disloyalties. But above all its demolition was a symbol of the fall from power of the Hurtado de Mendoza. With the French invasion during the War of Independence, (peninsula war) almost the entire complex was reduced to rubble.


The entrance arch that serves as the door to the castle was baptized the Arch of the Rodríguez Bezudo Brothers, 16C (short for Arco de Bezudo) in memory of their deaths in the capture of the City by Alfonso VI. According to historical accounts, one of them died in the assault on this castle while the other was appointed governor. Currently you can see a cobbled plaque with the name Arco de Bezudo. Today few remains of Cuenca’s defensive system remain, a shield with a fleece is still preserved over the semicircular arch. Taking advantage of its high walls, a staircase has been installed that allows access to the top of the Castle of Cuenca. On the other side, a small section of the canvas of the wall extends, following the steep orography of the Júcar river gorge.


On one side you can see the zigzagging Húecar River with its steep sickle giving shape to the historical case, crossed by the Puente de San Pablo bridge that connects the Casas Colgadas or hanging houses with the Parador de Turismo (former convent of San Pablo or St Paul) On the other hand the Júcar River stretches out, making its way between hills of limestone that has been drilled for millennia. You can walk to the castle from the Plaza Mayor, following Calle San Pedro, which connects with Calle Trabuco. Another option is to follow the Ronda Julián Romero, passing by the Mirador de Florencio Cañas, the Mirador del pintor Víctor de la Vega or the rincón del Cristo del Pasadizo. Although it is a short distance, the streets are quite steep, so it is also possible to go by urban bus line 2 stop Arco de Bezudo or the tourist train.


The Cuenca tourist office on the castle and arch :

The Castilla La Mancha tourist board on the castle of Cuenca

There you go folks, we have nice memorable moments climbing the steep hilly road the first time to reach this castle to find out there was a parking on top next to it lol! Well we came back ,and parked on top ! Either way is a great walk, and still nice family memories forever , again do it on the shade of the day. Again, hope you enjoy the old castle ruins and arco de Bezudo of Cuenca as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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