Again, the Grand Palais of Paris !

As usual lately, found me new older pictures in my vault that should be in my blog, This is a jewel of my eternal Paris. A wonderful monument that needs to be seen more by all, Let me tell you a bit more on the Grand Palais of Paris ! Hope you enjoy the post as I

This is a huge building and sometimes on the spot that it is it goes unnotice somehow. In addition to the wonderful architecture it hosts a variety of events second to none in Paris. I will try to give new text and links for a bit more in depth look at the Grand Palais de Paris. It is located on the edge of the Champs-Elysées, facing the Petit Palais, (see post) which is separated by the Avenue Winston Churchill in the 8éme arrondissement or district of Paris.

Paris grand palais front nov11

A bit again on the trajectory of this wonderful building ,it was created for the Universal Exhibition of 1855, with the name of the Palais de l’Industrie on the same spot as the Grand Palais, It has an architecture of monumental dimensions. Its huge glass roof rises 45 meters high under the dome and its nave unfolds over more than 200 plates on the ground, covering an area of 13,500 m² in one piece. This huge building of 77,000 m2 and 15,000 m2 of glass roof.  The Universal Exhibition was inaugurated on April 14, 1900 by the President of the Republic Emile Loubet. The Grand Palais does not open to the public until a fortnight later, once the Fine Arts exhibitions have been set up. Unanimously, during the Universal Exhibition, the press reported everyone’s wonder at this unique spectacle: the whole world was in Paris. And still is ! It was done in Neo-Louis XIV style with some references to 18C art. Influence of the new art. Cladding of the dressed stone facades; framework of the nave in metal and glass; reinforced concrete. Decor by various artists. The building served as a military hospital during the Great War or WWI.During WWII, the Nazis occupier requisitioned the building to store its military vehicles.

paris grand palais driving on ave champs elysees Apr09

The Grand Palais focuses its activities on culture, major temporary exhibitions, Some of the events here over the years are the Exhibition of Decorative Arts of 1925 , The International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques of 1937 in the created Palais de la Découverte which occupies the western half back of the Grand Palais. i.e. 25,000 m2, next to it is the  jardin de la vallée Suisse or garden of the Swiss valley located Place du Cana, Also, the Motor Show was also held here until 1961, as was the Agricultural and Horticultural Machinery Show, the International Boat Show and the International Air Locomotion Exhibition from 1909 to 1952. In the 1970s, many trade fairs were also organized there: among them, the Salon du Livre (book fairs) from 1981 to 1991, the Paris Fair, the International Contemporary Art Fair and the Salon des Arts Ménagers.

In order to carry out a larger-scale renovation before 2024, the date on which the fencing events of the 2024 Summer Olympics are to take place. This allows, a restoration, to reorganize and to increase its reception capacities, with the nave accommodating 11,000 people compared to 5,600 currently, and the 3,700 m2 of balconies which would be accessible again, as well as redefining the structure’s missions, in conjunction with the Palais de la Découverte or Palace of Discovery by rue des Palais on two levels. A terrace must be created for the public and accommodate the astronomy activities of the Palais de la Découverte. The galleries must gain clarity by installing glass ceilings and increase from the current 3,000 m2 to 3,900 m2 , During the period of the works, a temporary structure is built on the Champ-de-Mars (Place Joffre 7éme) to accommodate major events, this structure should also be used for the Olympic Games. This Grand Palais Éphémère or Ephemeral Grand Palais, was inaugurated in 2021, and should close by the Fall 2024 after the re opening of the Grand Palais.

The next worthy show in the new temporary location me think will be the event drawing inspiration from both the Pre-Raphaelites, Hans Makart and Japanese woodcuts, Alphonse Mucha developed over the course of his career a unique style, with Celtic, Islamic, Gothic and Rococo reminiscences. Rich and organic, his graphic art – characterized by its feminine and sensual figures , shows an opulent and serpentine nature. Between tapered lines and plunging curves, the Mucha Woman , like Byzantine icons , always stands out from a golden halo. Mischievous or lascivious, with her rippling hair and pastel dresses, she decorates a number of Belle Époque advertising posters and magazines, Exhibition co-produced by Grand Palais Immersif and the Mucha Foundation, from March 22 to August 20, 2023, Grand Palais Immersif, 110 rue de Lyon, 12éme ,Webpage :

The Official Grand Palais of Paris:

The Paris tourist office on the Grand Palais

The Paris 2024 Olympic organisation on the Grand Palais

There you go folks, another grand piece of architecture and history in my eternal Paris. Again, this is a must to visit when done again! Again, hope you enjoy this post on the Grand Palais of Paris as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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