The Saint Peter’s Cathedral of Lisieux !!!

I dare took the plunge to really visit Lisieux instead of just passing by. As said, my belle France has an endless repertoire of monuments that a life time will not be enough. Let me tell you more on the Saint Peter’s Cathedral of Lisieux, in the dept 14 of Calvados, region of Normandie, in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I.


As usual I have written before and plenty of text and pictures, This post will be shorter to just add to my blog older pictures not yet on my blog and they should , me think,

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre is in the Norman Gothic style. For a while it was the mother church of the diocese of Lisieux before its integration into the diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux. Sainte Thérèse was very familiar with the St Peter Cathedral. It was there that she attended Sunday mass with her father, sisters and housekeeper. A statue and an inscription in a chapel in the Choir recall the exact place where the family was placed during religious services. It was here that the future Saint had the revelation of her mission: to save the souls of sinners. Thérèse’s father, Louis Martin, offered the high altar for the choir. Since the 20C, Sainte Thérèse has been the cathedral’s third patron saint, after Peter and Paul. As such, it appears on one of the stained-glass windows at the back of the choir.



In the middle of the 11C, the Romanesque cathedral was in poor condition. It was decided to rebuilt one on the foundations of the old one. The site was launched in 1150 by the bishop of Lisieux called Arnoult. Close to the kings of France and England, this prelate involved builders familiar with the new techniques of Île-de-France region. The master mason, ancestor of the architect, introduced flying buttresses to support the vaults for the first time in Normandy. The facade of Saint-Pierre Cathedral is the most recent part of the building. Completed in 1250, it is a so-called harmonic facade: the three portals let us guess the interior division of the church with its central nave and its aisles.


The Bishop Pierre Cauchon, known for having been the inquisitor of Joan of Arc’s trial and having condemned her to the stake in 1431, became bishop of Lisieux from 1432 to 1442. During this period, he had the axial chapel of the cathedral to place his tomb there. The tomb is now gone but his body still lies under the paving. This Chapel of the Virgin is a very fine example of flamboyant Gothic architecture. The arms of the chapter and of Pierre Cauchon appear on the keystones.

The city of Lisieux  on its heritage:

The official Sanctuary of Lisieux

The friends of the Cathedral of St Peter of Lisieux :

There you go folks, another masterpiece of architecture and history in nice Lisieux. You should not missed this Cathedral Saint Peter and you will be glad. Again, hope  you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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