More of the Church Notre Dame of Saint Lô !!

I have another post on it and a wonderful experience on my visit to Saint Lô ,but left some pictures out that should be in my blog, Therefore, this is a second post on the Church Notre Dame !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Notre-Dame Church is in the Gothic-style erected over four centuries from the end of the 13C and strongly marked by the Battle of Normandy (WWII). As such, it is a “memorial” of the destruction of WWII. The parish church and former collegiate Church of Notre-Dame built from the 13C to the 20C is rightly considered the symbol of the city. This church dedicated to Notre Dame originates from the parish of the castle of Saint-Lô on Mont Briovère: the parish of l’Enclos whose patron was the lord of the castle, namely the bishop of Coutances.


The builders of the 15C gave so much majesty to this stone church dominating the upper town that it is readily given the title of cathedral. Located at the meeting of the second north collateral and the ambulatory built by Geoffroy Herbert, bishop of Coutances, offers a delicate flamboyant decor and recalls those of Brittany, It was intended for the publication of the acts of the civil jurisdiction of the Bishop of Coutances which was also Baron de Saint-Lô. The pulpit was used for the outdoor preaching of Saint Jean-Eudes (1642, 1663, 1675-1676) and Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort (1714) who could thus evangelize in the open air the crowd gathered in the courtyard of the episcopal palace. In “Choses vues” or Things seen, Victor Hugo tells that the external pulpit was struck by alignment by the municipal urban plan of 1863. We owe him a drawing of the pulpit which, thanks to him, was saved from destruction.


The Notre Dame Church has old 15C stained glass windows, removed during the bombing period of WWII. Among them, the royal stained glass window which, according to tradition, was offered by Louis XI around 1470; it features the Coronation of the Virgin and the story of Saint Crepin and Saint Crepinian.


The old organ of the Church of Notre Dame built by Ingout in 1663 and romanticized by Louis Debierre in 1885, was completely destroyed on June 6, 1944 (WWII). In 1968, Maison Beuchet-Debierre built a neoclassical instrument, revised and redesigned by Alfred Kern in 1987.Not of woodwork but with sideboard arranged in two bodies with positive back , and a window console.


The city of Saint Lô on its heritage

The Saint Lô  tourist office on the Church Notre Dame:

The Norman experiences site shows the ruins of the Notre Dame Church in 1944 :

There you go folks, it is an impressive church considering it was almost all destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt with care. Indeed a symbol of a City of Saint Lô  A must to visit stop by the Church of Notre Dame. Again, hope you enjoy it as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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