The Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux !!!

Now, Meaux is very sentimental as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine and know the city as my own. Many memories but a must to stop when in the area. In one of our visits to France from Florida way back, my wife took me for lunch at a pizzeria, a simple restaurant near the administrative buildings of the city. It was nice, pleasant, good value, I enjoy it, this was back in around 1991-92 ! When we moved to France in 2003, of course we visit Meaux and had lunch with our boys and parents at the same pizzeria, and the owners recognised us ! Now each time in town, we make sure we have lunch once here and even after she passed away, when I am back in town with the boys, we come to eat here too; the new family still the same since 2002, amazing! Last ate there in July 2022. I like to give them a post of its own for memories’ sake for me. Therefore, here is my brief take on the Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.


Here had my lunches trying different pizzas and calzones each time and memory fading but know the last time I had the Oriental pizza of merquez etc and a Corona beer with expresso coffee all for 16€ . All still very friendly serve and good, with the owner talking with me as always ! Needless, to say if in the area or passing visiting Disneyland Paris only 30 minutes away by car, I have to recommend a stop here at  29 Avenue du Président Salvador Allende intersection with the Rue de la Coulommiére diagonally facing the administrative city government buildings.


I feel better to know this small spot in my heart is also in my blog. Thank you for reading me since November 26 2010. It is appreciated. Memorable picture


The official Pizzeria Villa Roma :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Pizzeria Villa Roma:

The city of Meaux tourist office on its history:

The local Meaux Marne Ourcq tourist office on the heritage of Meaux:

There you go folks, a brief post but huge in meaning to our family. Simple family trips and good eating in a historical architecturally stunning old city of the Meldois or Meaux. Memories forever !! Always looking forward to visit again my sentimental Meaux !!!, Again , hope you enjoy the brief post on the Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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