Church of Notre Dame of Versailles !!! , part III

I like to come back to this marvel once again, as you can see from title have other posts on it, but it merits even more, After, all this was my church in town for 9 years as lived not far behind it, You have read enough! I found older new to the blog pictures and they should, especially on the Collegiate Church Notre Dame of Versailles ! This is it, Versailles is a lot more than the palace as said, Again, this is a must, the : history of FranceEurope, the World ! started here,,, Hope you enjoy this post as I.



The City of Versailles once had a parish church of Saint-Julien, located in the Old Versailles district. When the Notre-Dame district was created, it was decided to transfer it to the north of the Palace of Versailles, and a modest church was built, still under the patronage of Saint-Julien. But the installation of the court in Versailles in 1682 changed the status of this parish which became that of the king: indeed, all the inhabitants of the city then depended on a single parish, and the Royal Chapel was in its dependence.

Versailles ch coll Notre Dame dec18

The church of Saint-Julien was far too modest, and the construction of a new church was launched in 1684 on the plans of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the famous architect of the Sun King. In a very sober classical style, the church was completed in record time (1686), and from then on served the inhabitants, but also the Court. The links of the king with the Notre-Dame Church are materialized by the parish registers, in which were recorded the baptismal, marriage and death certificates of the members of the royal family. This is how we find the death certificate of King Louis XIV or even the marriage certificate of the future Louis XVI with Marie-Antoinette, all scattered between acts relating to the humblest of parishioners…The stained glass windows embellish beautifully the side parts and the transept. The church is voluntarily not very high because the palace must dominate everything in the city.


Versailles ch coll notre dame chapel 2 mar13

On Monday, May 4, 1789 is an important day for the Church of Notre-Dame de Versailles. It is from there that the procession of the Blessed Sacrament leaves in the direction of the Saint-Louis Church with all the deputies for the high mass consecrating the opening of the States General. Under the French revolution, the church temporarily became the cathedral of the new diocese of Seine et Oise (old name for current Yvelines), then Temple of Reason, and was stripped of all its ornaments. Returned to worship in 1800, it was refurnished and thus found its stalls and its splendid altar painting commissioned by King Louis XIV from Michel II Corneille and dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the patronal feast of the kingdom. It also retains its original pulpit and its organ case, as well as a fine set of sculptures made by members of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture during the reign of Louis XIV, and paintings by painters of the King such as Jean Restout, Carle Van Loo, Louis de Boullogne, Joseph Suvée, Nicolas Brenet…etc, The choir has stained glass window of the Coronation of the Virgin, In accordance with the wishes of Louis XIII in 1638, the church being dedicated to Notre-Dame, the axial chapel (main chapel) is not dedicated to her. At Notre Dame Church of Versailles, the axial chapel is dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

Versailles ch coll notre dame nave mar13

The Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame  is officially at 2 rue Baillet Reviron ,but the main facade entrance is on Rue de la Paroisse corner with Rue Sainte-Geneviéve in the Notre-Dame district (mine!) and its facade facing the rue Hoche, formerly rue Dauphine,  leading to Place Hoche and eventually the Place d’Armes and the palace/museum of Versailles!! Easy walking from the palace ; go out past the equestrian statue of Louis XIV and turn left into avenue Rockefeller , continue past ave Saint Cloud ,continue into Place Hoche go around the square and the statue of Gen Hoche, and continue straight on Rue Hoche, until reaching Rue de la Paroisse, the church is facing you ! You can see it from the time you head on Ave Rockefeller really !

Versailles ch coll Notre Dame salle notre dame back of church aug12

The official parish of Notre Dame Church:

The Versailles tourist office on the Notre Dame Church: 

The City of Versailles on its heritage/history

There you go folks, a must when visiting Versailles as the history here very much relates to what you see at the Palace of Versailles ! After all, it was the royal church of the palace for many years! I was lucky to lived by here and see the Collegiate Church Notre Dame in all its splendor on Mass of notoriety attach to all its history. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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