Findel and Kirchberg one two Luxembourg city !!!

 I have several posts on Luxembourg and the City . However, looking thru my vault came up with some nostalgic pictures of wonderful family trips needed to have them in my blog. This gave the idea of merging the post on the Findel airport as well as it is related, Therefore, here is my take on the Findel and Kirchberg ,one two Luxembourg city !!Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Kirchberg is mentioned for the first time in a document in 1222, and was part of the Weimerskirch section of the former town of Eich.  Kirchberg is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg city. Made up of a plateau located in the northeast part of the city, it is today the heart of the international banking and financial center that the country constitutes. It is linked to the city center by the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte bridge aka the pont rouge or red bridge because of the color of the anti-rust that has covered the bridge since its construction which spans the valley of the Alzette riverIn the 1960s, the Kirchberg plateau first hosted the buildings of the European institutions located in Luxembourg: Court of Justice of the European Union, European Court of Auditors, Secretariat of the European Parliament, European Investment Bank (EIB) ), European School, Eurostat, etc. Today it has become a residential, cultural district with the Philharmonic Hall as well as the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean – aka Mudam, but also and above all institutional and business with European institutions, banks, financial institutions and insurance are numerous.


The Luxembourg City on the district of Kirchberg

The district is located a stone’s throw from Luxembourg-Findel airport.  Another one of our favorites ,the Kirchberg district, fun there with the family It is, also, a leisure district. Multisport halls and an Olympic swimming pool all grouped under the name of La Coque  make this sports complex the largest  and most important in the country. Utopolis ( now call Kinepolis) is a multiplex composed of 10 rooms and was the first multiplex in Europe to have equipped all of its screens with the standards of digital projection. We love the cinema indeed been there saw films wonderful experience!  The old Utopolis/newer Kinepolis cinema webpage:


One of the Auchan group’s shopping centers, located in the heart of the district, is one of the largest in the country. And the stand alone Auchan hypermarket was our regular stop while there even for clothing of jeans! It is very nice inside a nice building shopping mall with plenty of other stores and restaurants ,about 66. The Auchan hypermarket webpage:


And of course, the Auchan is located in the wonderful Auchan Shopping Center (mall) of Kirchberg ! Webpage :

We drove once as in many times to it, and after walked all over Luxembourg ville we end up very late and not wanting to return so late, we look for a one night hotel. Well in the center of Luxembourg was not easy and always looking for new thing we look up the Accor French chain hotel of Etap (now all coverted to Ibis). However, the one here was all the way out in Findel by the airport!  Findel is a village in the town of Sandweiler.  As said, Findel hold the Findel international airport of Luxembourg. It was at Findel, that the Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg returned to the country after its liberation at the end of WWII.  Well this Etap hotel was there ! We found out that we could even leave our car nicely park underground there and come into city center Luxembourg ville by bus!  And we decided to try it!! By the way next to it there was an Ibis hotel and we have tried it too. The Etap is now the Ibis Budget (one star) and the former is now the Ibis Airport (3 stars)  hotel. Webpage Ibis airport:

Webpage Ibis Budget (old Etap):

lux etap hotel by findel airport next to ibis jan11

The Luxembourg-Findel airport is quite the size for the country, here for information as never taken plane to Luxembourg, only once by train and many times by car!  webpage:

Lux airport findel pedro et boys dec05

From the hotel walk a bit to the side of the Findel airport , and you can take a nice bus ride no 16 to Kirchberg and City center Luxembourg which we use many times in a couple of visits, It is easy great, worth the ride indeed,Your transport Mobiliteit on line 16 (English):

The VDL city of Luxembourg more on bus line 16 stops:

From the city center Hamilius quai 1 bus depot we have taken once bus line 1 to Kirchberg right by the Auchan shopping center! Nice ride lol! VDL webpage:

The Kirchberg district is served by the tramway linking Luxexpo to the Grand Duchess Charlotte bridge via avenue John F. Kennedy; the tram is linked to Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station located on line 1 by the funicular. I have not taken the tram but for information should be fun, The Official Luxtram on line 1 :

And since 2020, the bus, tram, etc are free in Luxembourg! More info in French :

A bit of hidden places for a nice walk with the family or rest stop is the Kirchberg’s public park. Its greenery invites you to relax during a stroll, play a game of pétanque or enjoy a picnic al fresco. Curious visitors will find information panels about its varied flora.

More information to help you plan your trip to Luxembourg are :

The City of Luxembourg tourist office:

The Luxembourg tourist office on Luxembourg Ville

There you go folks, a nice wonderful time in pretty Luxembourg ! Glad to tell you about a great combination Findel and Kirchberg, worth the detour indeed. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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