Curiosities and foody of San Sebastian

As you might know, the basques as in Spain or France are very good in the kitchen ,and one of the culinary highlights of my dear Spain. Here the choices are endless and very renown foods, however for nostalgia’s sake we as a family remember fondly this place which I am updating an older post with new items, Therefore, let me tell you about the curiosities and foody of San Sebastian.

I have come down by car from France to the beautiful city of San Sebastian  or Donostia in basque, We really were not looking to eat ,and did not know anything about them, just walking the city and hunger strikes; we look up some description of the menu and went in. Little did we know, we were stepping into San Sebastian’s culinary history! This is the restaurant Juanito Kojua with great memories with the family.

San Sebastian Juanito Kojua resto MF et PF aug08

Located in the Old Town of Donostia/San Sebastian,at Portu kalea 14 or Calle Puerto, you will find the emblematic Juanito Kojua, In its menu, you can find a wide variety of game products, as well as spoon dishes, fish and homemade delicacies. Taste the best of Donostiarra cuisine in Juanito Kojua. Opened since 1947 ,specializing in traditional Basque cuisine.Simply awesome !! This modest spot began as a meeting place for fishermen’s eating clubs and has persisted over the years because its chefs always seem to manage to get the top of the catch. There are four dining rooms of various traditional décor, but you don’t go here so so much for ambience as for the food! A must in San Sebastian, and we love it. They are now part of the group Garrancho, that have there in addition to the feature resto , the following : Andra Mari , Virginia Mendibil (in Irún) Mesón Portaletas , Juanito Kojua, Alderdi Zahar , Casa Vergara 1948, and Casa Tiburcio.

San Sebastian juanito kojua resto noel and pipo aug08

The official Juanito Kojua restaurant:

My new fav RestaurantGuru reviews on the Juanito Kojua:

Moving about in beautiful San Sebastian we got into the shopping mode on the Boulevard ! The grand artery along the bay, this gets you into many side streets of old world treasures and shops, plus great restos and bar, walking is a must here, you will see more. For shopping you can do some along Boulevard to calle Legazpi left or at Calle Mayor right or a bit before left on Garibai Kalea street. 

San Sebastian Pedro at boulevard aug08

The San Sebastian tourist office on old city center shopping:

Moving toward the harbor you come into a wonderful small Aquarium ; this is at the Palacio del Mar, at paseo del muelle, 34, basque architectural design to house the aquarium opening in 1828 as the headquarters of the Guipuzcoa Oceanographic Society. It has an unique collection of marine life from the local waters. Webpage:

San Sebastian pedro in harbor near aquarium aug08

There you go folks, hope it helps discover this wonderful City of Sant Sebastian, that I would love to visit again, Memories of my dear Spain ! Again, hope you enjoy the post on the curiosities and foody of San Sebastian, Spain or Donostia, Euskad as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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