The Place des Vosges of Paris !!

Well this is the top, I saw some very old pictures of mine in my vault and look up my blog to see a post on it. Behold, I have mentioned briefly on posts ,but never a single post on it. Shame on me, this has to be done right now. I have to tell you about the Place des Vosges of Paris !! Hope you enjoy the post as I even with old old pictures circa 1991-92 ! It’s true have not been by that part of Paris in years, but then again, Paris has a lot to offer !!!!

The Place des Vosges! Built in the 17C and lined with 36 private mansions with illustrious inhabitants, it is the oldest of the royal squares in Paris. If it was Napoleon who gave it its definitive name in 1800, it was King Henri IV, great urban planner, who had the idea of ​​creating the Place des Vosges , Taste the charms of the green lung of the Marais district, astride like the central statue of Louis XIII, the 3éme and 4éme arrondissements, is for sure offering oneself a suspended moment. Normal: upon arrival, a very special scent of eternity takes hold of the walker. Indeed sublime spot of my eternal Paris. But there is more…

Paris place des vosges fountain closeup aug08

The Place des Vosges was called the Place Royale until 1792. During the French revolution, it was renamed on August 19, 1792 by the Paris Commune place des Fédérés. On July 4, 1793, the National Convention changed this name to place de l’Indivisibilité, It is also named, unofficially, Place du Parc-d’Artillerie, or Place de la Fabrication-des-Armes. In 1800, by decree of the First Consul (later Napoléon I), it was renamed Place des Vosges in the honor of the department of Vosges (88), the first to have paid the tax during the French revolution and, incidentally, the sending of the first volunteers, from the district of Remiremont, to defend the homeland in danger. In 1814, the return of the monarchy gave it its original name of Place Royale until 1830 and from 1852 to 1870. It was also briefly named Place de la République in 1830. Lots of changes according to the power in charge.

Paris place des vosges fountain aug08

The Place des Vosges is a square, designed on an almost square plan, 140 meters on each side, surrounded by two-story red brick apartment buildings with white limestone ties and very steep blue slate roofs, with small-paned windows, a large presentation unit. Indeed, a royal edict, taken in the 17C, imposed this ordered architecture, namely the unity of the composition of the buildings and the uniform height, with the exception of the Pavillon du Roi or king’s pavilion, in the center ,and the highest of all and the Pavillon de la Reine or queen’s pavilion, which faces it on the north side, which are deliberately higher. The current thirty-six pavilions ,corresponding to the thirty-six mansions of the time, structured around the pavilion of the king and queen, the only pavilions that remain today are four bays wide. They are composed of a ground floor with arcades, two square floors and two attic floors.

The original square was started in 1605, the work was completed in 1612, two years after the death of King Henry IV. The square was then inaugurated on the occasion of the engagement of King Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, The center of the Place des Vosges is today occupied by the Square Louis-XIII, bordered by rows of trees with, in the center, four fountains fed by the Ourcq. The Monument to Louis XIII was inaugurated in 1825. The first equestrian statue, dating from 1639, had been destroyed during the French revolution.

Some of the renown pavilions in the Place des Vosges are:

No 1 Pavillon du Roi, No 1 bis Hotel Coulanges, No 2 bis Hotel 2 bis place des Vosges, No 2: Hotel Genou de Guiberville, No 3 Hotel de Montmorin, No 4: Hotel 4 place des Vosges, No 5 Hotel de la Salle, No 6: Hôtel de Rohan-Guémené, No 6 bis: Théophile Gautier vocational school, No 7 Hotel de Sully, No 8: Hôtel de Fourcy, No 9 Hôtel de Chaulnes, No 10: Hôtel de Châtillon, No 11 Hôtel Pierrard, No 12: Hôtel Lafont, No 13 Hôtel Dyel des Hameux, No 14: Hôtel de Ribault, No 15 Hôtel Marchand, No 16: Hôtel d’Asfeldt, No 17 Hôtel de Chabannes, No 18: Hôtel de Clermont-Tonnerre, No 19 Hôtel de Montbrun, No 20 Hôtel d’Angennes de Rambouillet, No 21 Hôtel du Cardinal de Richelieu, No 22: Hôtel Laffemas, No 23 Hôtel de Bassompierre, No 24: Hôtel de Vitry, No 25 Hôtel de l’Escalopier, No 26: Hôtel de Tresmes, and No 28 Pavillon de la Reine and Hôtel d’Espinoy,

The place des Vosges has welcomes personalities from the political, media and artistic world to its square such as Madame de Sévigné, Bishop Bossuet, Victor Hugo, Duke of Sully, Colette, Isadora Duncan, Georges Simenon, Francis Blanche, Jean-Edern Hallier, DSK, Jack Lang, more recently Xavier Niel, As such ,the Place des Vosges is the meeting place for the powerful and the famous.

The Paris tourist office on the place des Vosges

There you go folks, a dandy and must visit in Paris. I am just glad finally have it in my blog! The Place des Vosges is one more reason to come to Paris indeed. Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I. See you around Paris, eventually.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. One of my favourite spots in Paris, thank you.

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  2. Nice pictures, good colours.

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