A re visit to Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil !!!

I come to the end of my road warrior trip, and again I needed to stop by Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil ,in the department 37 Indre et Loire of the beautiful Centre Val de Loire region. This one is a familar one as been here a couple times for the wines but had time to see some. This time was again invited to the property open house , and could not say no. As was doing my road warrior visits in the department 37 planned perfectly on our way back to stop by the open house of Vignobles la Rodaie again.  These again proves the choices are endless and each time we enjoy a bit more of my belle France. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil.  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Dom Cousseau-Boireau wines side open house nov22

 I was invited again to an open house of one of our favorite house wines in the wonderful wine town of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Therefore , again, we could not refuse!!! As said , we planned our road warrior trip to stop by here on the way back home. The town is 293 km from my house. A few years back while attending our now favorite salon de la gastronomie et vins in Vannes,(see posts)  we met a couple owners of EARL Cousseau-Boireau from La Rodaie neighborhood of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. It has been an ever increasing good relationship. They have even delivered themselves to our house!!! 

In the open house, again we met Le Canard Roi direct from the farm of  114 Montquartier, Vivy 49680 Maine et Loire dept 49 , no web, and got our magret de canard and aiguillettes de canard,and rillettes de canard or duck by able men Pascal ! Delicious!! We met again, the wonderful red Chinon Vignobles du Pressoir, Daguet family and able Julien where we got our Tradition fruity red grenat pleasant in the mouth ! They are at Le Pressoir, Panzoult 37220.no web but shown in the Val de Loire wines webpage: https://www.vinsvaldeloire.fr/fr/domaine/manoir-du-pressoir.  We took this time the Le Fumoir de Maryse with great saucisson sec and cow milk cheese passing on the salmon, They have a Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057550003901 .  And we took home a Vouvray brut sparkler from Martine and Jean-Louis Rougebec, more on them here:  https://www.vintouraine.com/domaine/domaine-jean-louis-rougebec/

And of course , our reason to be there the Cousseau-Boireau vinyards . Heck, here we tried them all again. Starting with our favorite Tradition 2021 vintage, nice again and great price/quality ratio. We tried a new one done by the daughter and son in law as continuation of the tradition, that looks very promising. We got a case of each!  The wine town of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil showcasing the property and a picture of the owners Christel and Claudine :https://stnicolasdebourgueil.fr/en/vignerons/vignoble-de-la-rodaie/

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Dom Cousseau-Boireau wines entr open house nov22

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Dom Cousseau-Boireau wines bibs open house nov22

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Dom Cousseau-Boireau wines stock open house nov22

A bit of background on the wines of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil appellation follows the contours of the eponymous town. The vineyard is located on the borders of Touraine and Anjou, on the high terrace of the right bank of the Loire river. Cabernet Franc dominates, and only Cabernet Sauvignon is tolerated within the limit of 10% of the grape variety. The sandy-gravelly soils, with a clay bottom with some clay-limestone slopes, give gourmet and fresh wines, with lively notes of flowers, raspberries and cherries that will brighten up your table.

There you go folks, always nice to be back in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. There is so much to see here and so much architecture and history in the valley of the kings of France! And with great wines too; I am king here too. Hope you enjoy my return to Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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