Bonnevoie in Luxembourg City !

Well this is one of the anecdotes of doing lots of road warrior trips, this time on foot. As said in many previous posts, I like to go by car to visit a place, but then do the footing all over and we can go the distance!! My dear late wife Martine always said, that they can fall in sewer hole and I won’t notice because I am walking ahead and ahead no stop !

Well , let me tell you about Bonnevoie in Luxembourg City do not ask me how I end here but heck I do walk…. Bonnevoie is a whole district that is part of Luxembourg City. It is divided into two sections:

Bonnevoie-Nord is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. It is located just east of the Gare district (train station area). Bonnevoie was a fortified part of the city, partly destroyed in 1807 by an explosion of powder. It confines around the other neighborhoods of Pulvermühl ,Bonnevoie-Sud, the Gare and Grund.

The Bonnevoie-Sud is also one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. It is located on border of the capital city. It borders Bonnevoie-Nord, Pulvermühl and Hamm , Gasperich and the Gare. The origin of Bonnevoie dates back to a monastery of Cistercian nuns founded in the 12C and dissolved towards the end of the 18C. The district developed very quickly after the connection to the Grand Duchy railway network and the opening of the first train station in 1859. , A few years after the end of WWII the construction of the current Church Marie Queen of Peace began. Popular for its proximity to the train station district and the city center.


The Rotondes des chemin de fer at Rue de Bonnevoie dates from the 19C which you reach by a pedestrian bridge on the side of the train station. They served as garage for the locomotives and now one of them is use for cultural events.

The city of Luxembourg on its districts such as Bonnevoie:

The Just Arrived site on city living in Bonnevoie:

There you go folks, we do walk I guess. And end up in parts of the city off the beaten path of many visitors, that is the fun of travel actually! It is actually on the residential side of the Gare or train station of Luxembourg Ville (see post). Hope you enjoy the post and do walk….the beat in the city…

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Hehe, Bonnevoie is where I lived when I was in Luxembourg. From my balcony, I could see the deer coming out of the wood and going into the field. At the end of my street, it is possible to take paths through the forest and reach the Hauptstadt through the old fortifications, dismantled after 1867. But that is another story.

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