Praça de Mouzinho de Alburquerque of Porto !

One nice surprise and wonderful walk in historical Porto of Portugal. Always heard of Porto and love the drink, and finally was there. I have several posts but feels this monument deserves a post of its own , Therefore, let me update this older post and tell you about the Praça de Mouzinho de Alburquerque in Porto !


As I wandered around the Rotunda da Boavista, you can see the wonderful Obelisk of the Portuguese fight vs the French imperial invaders ,,, It is ,also call by locals the square or Praça de Mouzinho de Albuquerque.  It is 45 meters or 148 feet high and highly decorated on four sides with events in the history of Portugal. Mouzinho de Alburquerque was a Portuguese cavalry officer. He was famous for his capture of Emperor Gungunhana at Chaimite in 1895 and for pacifying Mozambique.


Since 1876, Praça da Boavista has housed the São Miguel fair that, from Cordoaria, had been transferred there. The decision to garden the square and to erect an obelisk commemorating the Peninsular War (independance war in Spain) in its center was taken a few years before the establishment of the Republic of Portugal. The Monument to the Heroes of the Peninsular War, became the identifying and structural element of this square.  At the end of the 20C, Rotunda da Boavista hosted the Porto Book Fair for several years and was an important hub of the Sanjoaninas Festivals. In the center of the square is the Rotunda da Boavista Garden, in a circular shape, which develops around the imposing Monument to the Heroes of the Peninsular War. In the garden, liquidambars, oaks, linden trees, tulips and some palm trees deserve special attention.


A local private Local Porto on the Praça de Mouzinho de Alburquerque

The city of Porto tourist office on the Praça

There you go foks, a very nice area for a walk and plenty of nice architecture all around it including other monuments mentioned in previous posts about Porto. Again, hope you enjoy the post and walk.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!


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