The Place de Clichy of Paris !

The Place de Clichy is one I have driven into and out of Paris several times by car.  This is a traffic nuts nightmare that Paris does not seen to solve even with all the patchup gadgets they use on public transports! My oldest son used to worked in the nearby Holiday Inn hotel/resto Porte de Clichy on his hotelerie/restaurant degree.  I like to update this older post ; hope you enjoy it as I, Let me tell you a bit on the famous place de Clichy!

The Place de Clichy is one of the three places in Paris where four arrondissements or districts meet; here these are the 8, 9, 17 and 18éme. The others are the Pont St Michel and the Carrefour de Belleville. It is very busy day and night, the square is bordered by shops of all kinds, including restaurants and a cinema ,the Pathé-Wepler. I can confirm the busy day and night as I have passed by there several times and always need re direction to get out from the terrible lately Paris traffic. The Place de Clichy is served by two metro lines, 2 and 13; also, seven bus lines 30, 54, 68, 74, 80, 81, and 95; four lines of Noctilien night bus lines N01, N02, N15 and N51; and a taxi rank stand.

It was named Place de Clichy because it occupies the site of the barrier of Clichy, an old gateway to Paris located on the wall of the Farmers General, which served as an exit to go to the village of Clichy. It was classified in its entirety in the Parisian roads on May 23, 1863 and took its current name on December 30, 1864. It was previously located in the former village of Batignolles and called square and barriére de Clichy from 1789 to 1814. It was built on the site of the old buildings of the barrier de Clichy which, in 1793, during the French revolution ,had been called ” Fructidor barrier ”. It’s opening included part of the Batignolles and Clichy boulevards and part of the ramparts of Clichy and chemins de ronde de Clichy and the barrière Blanche as well as the barrière de Clichy…

A historic patriotic story lies here as during March 1814: the Napoleonic Empire came to an end. With 800,000 soldiers, the foreign armies marched on Paris. After having forced the barriers of Belleville and Pantin, they take the Montmartre hill. The north and north-west of the city, from Clichy to Neuilly, are protected by 70,000 National Guard men. In front of the advance of the enemy armies, the Marshal Moncey, then major-general of the Parisian guard, goes to the barrier of Clichy. Volunteers, skirmishers, students from the École Polytechnique and veterinary school, Moncey’s troops brought together 15,000 men. Their lack of experience did not prevent them from valiantly resisting the Russian contingent until the proclamation of the armistice on March 30, 1814. We remember. In the center of the square stands the Monument to Marshal Moncey erected in 1870: sitting on the pedestal, 8 meters high and decorated with bas-reliefs, a group of bronze six meters high represents the defense of Paris by him.


The Paris tourist office on the Place de Clichy

There you go folks, another nice spot to go by in Paris. And of course due stop to see the monument it is worth remembering the heroes. Hope you enjoy the brief on the Place de Clichy of Paris as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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