Summer walks in Paris !!!

The nice walks of my eternal Paris , always sublime. I have written of course a lot on Paris, my working city , and visited zillions of times since 1972 ! As the name of my blog implies ! However, now is Summer and walks are superbe and I will tell you my favorites that I have done with the family , Hope you enjoy them as we

This one starts at the Pont Saint Michel as you enter the 1éme arrondissement of Paris and 1st quartier or neighborhood of Saint Germain ‘Auxerrois on the western part of the Île de la Cité, At the end of the bridge turn left to go down to the quays below the quai des Orfévres, This quay took down 3 old streets in 1810 along the Seine river.

You go on to the Pont Neuf, the oldest in Paris even if translated means , the new bridge ! Remain one of the strong points of Paris, and has remain the same after four centuries, You pass over the bridge you entered a grille door into the square du Vert Galant, a green space of about 1600 m2, keep walking on the exterior of the square to reach the tip ,you can see here the Hôtel des Monnaies with beautiful boats at anchor,later see the Académie Française, and see 3 consecutieve bridges starting with the Passarelle des Arts with the belltower of the Church Saint Pierre de Chaillot and the old facade of the Louvre and returning on the left the Petite Galerie, More to the right see the Voie express Georges Pompidou coming out of its tunnel of 900 meters looking again at the Pont Neuf.

You come up at the end of the square du Vert Galant , there is a stair on the left and above the equestrain statue of Henri IV, the vert galant ! You can see from here the Théatre du Châtelet and the Théatre de la Ville and further the Hôtel de Ville, Facing Henri IV a narrow street place du pont neuf serves the rue Henri Robert opening into the place Dauphine. On the building on the right of the pont neuf you can still see about 160 meters of the wall of Paris done by Philippe Auguste. You, then take right into quai de Conti before the entrance to the Hôtel des Monnaie no 11 with a facade of 117 meters built in 1777 over the small and big hotels of Conti

Just in front of the Pont (passarelle) des Arts you see the tour Nesles that with the feet on the water ends the wall of Philippe Auguste rive gauche facing the tour du Coin of the rive droite, There was a small stream here that eventually was totally covered, the ru Saint Germain, By the Pont des Arts ,name given in 1804 taking you to the old palais des arts name under the French revolution the museum of the Republic that was given by the Convention of 1793, after reuniting the royal collections to show to the public , the origin of what was to be the Louvre museum, Once you passed the bridge the quays along the Seine become the port des Saints-Péres, the current name of the rue Saint Péres you see the Academie Française ,and the Collége of Four Nations ,after building the south wing of the Louvre the tour and porte Nesles<, and 130 meters of the wall of Philippe Auguste to do the academy in 1684. Facing it on the rive droite you see the south angle of the Petite and Grande Galerie started by Catherine de Médicis that ran for 500 meters until the pavillon de Flore.

Continue on the port des Saints Péres and later the pont du Carrousel, after you leave the 6éme arrondissement to enter the 7éme ,quartier or neighborhood of Saint Thomas d’Aquin ,A bit later you see the pont Royal of 1689,the 3rd oldest in Paris, You leave the rive gauche and boquinistes to arrive at the quai Voltaire. Turn right on the pont Royal that follows straight to the Pavillon de Flore the ending of the Grande Galerie originally in the now gone Tuileries palace. The 7 gives way to the 1éme arrondissement and the quartier Saint Germain l’Auxorrois, you see from the bridge the Hôtel de Ville, later the Conciergerie and Notre Dame Cathedral before the pont neuf. Go along the left side at the end of the bridge to take the sidewalk Seine side of the Quai des Tuileries., At the angle of the avenue du Général Lemonnier starts the terrace of the Bord de l’Eau that borders the Jardin des Tuileries. From the quay we just came, quai Anatole France you can see the great Orsay museum and after the old Hôtel de Salm now housing the chancellery and museum of the Légion d’Honneur, If you go down to the Seine you are at the Port des Tuileries.

Later on our walks you see the passerelle de Solferino finished in 1999, You can come underground to the Jardin des Tuileries, and after the passarelle see several boats or péniches, After the last building here you are in the 8éme arrondissement quartier Champs Elysées and the pont de la Concorde done in 1791. You can go under it and see the new arch and the wharfs go up to the quai de la conférence or the beginning of the cours de la Reine on the side of the Place de la Concorde, just at the feet of the equestrian statue of Albert 1er.

If you want to know more of walks in Paris you can read in French the site of the org, rando Paris :

There you go folks, one small example of the thrills walking in my eternal Paris, and the choices are many. I do walk in Paris sometimes 3 km around, once find my parking spot , sublime. Hope it helps you enjoy Paris as well,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Walking is certainly the best way to visit Paris, thanks for the suggestion!

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