Wines news of France XXVII !!

And the days of Summer continues yeah!! We had milder weather lately but it seems will get hotter into August. Anyway, always good to bring the best of Wine news of France. First ,thanks to all my readers and/or followers! We have done quite a bit of work around the house, and still some more until September , Oh yeah, the wines of France are just super simply awesome and a great tradition. Often imitated, some time equaled ,but never surpass! Let me give some news shall we; hope you enjoy it as I.

You may have read or heard in the news of the fires in the south of France and around wine country, However, while 20,800 hectares of forest burned in Gironde (33), and the concern was high for several wine companies and properties. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the firefighters, there was no damage. The stocks of spirits and wines are safe and sound, being in Charentes, in the Gers and near Saint-Émilion. As for the vineyards very close to Sauternes and Barsac, they were fortunately not affected by the flames, and the wines will not be impacted by the smoke, sometimes intense, which invaded the region. Therefore, en vino veritas !!!

This Provence which is the playground of the American entrepreneur Tom Bove. A demiurge reconverted in the vineyard 100% made in Provence since 1992. Since the beginning of the 1990s and his crush on Miraval, a 600-hectare property that he adored, resuscitated then sold to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie , He specialized in the purchase of decrepit estates , often acquired a pittance at the bar of the court, before completely remodeling them and reselling them. . His latest “toy” since its takeover in 2016, an open-air site intended to become a “boutique-hotel” in the middle of an ocean of Rolle, Grenache Blanc, Sémillon grapes has been replanted step by step. Here, in Bellini (a tribute to the Sicilian composer Vincenzo Bellini as well as to the flagship cocktail of Harry’s Bar in Venice), Saint Thomas Aquinas would have stayed in 1252, during his journey between the University of Naples and Notre-Dame de Paris. Terroir of chalk and clay where the pebbles, size XXL, are broken one by one to rebuild the terraces, the vineyard of 35 hectares in Coteaux varois de Provence finds a new youth. The Château Bellini webpage:

It has been acclaimed throughout Europe for ten years. It seduced women, young people, he even conquered the beaches and luxury swimming pools of Florida. But where does the Rosé de Provence stand today? It is true that the consumption of rosé wine continues to progress. It has become the wine of summer pleasure, overflowing cheerfully into the other seasons, and this without any complex. The sumptuous finery of the 2020 vintage suggests, among some winegrowers, a desire to better assert the identity of their terroir. In Bandol, where it is still considered the second wine after red, rosé today represents 74% of volumes. The appellation has made it mandatory to blend a minimum of 20% Mouvèdre. But keep in mind that the best wines are made from more than half of Mourvèdre which, associated with the Bandol terroir, can claim to embody the Grand Cru rosé of Provence. On the territory of the Côtes de Provence, the Coteaux Varois and the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, we pass the bar of 90% of rosés. The wines are most of the time very pale in color, made mainly from Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, often associated with a white grape variety (Rolle, Clairette, etc.). On the other territories of Provence, rosé is less well represented. On the Les Baux side, red remains dominant; in Cassis, the terroir sheltered by Cap Canaille is essentially white; in Palette, it is reduced to a trickle; in Bellet, the red wines come from a great grape, the braquet.It will continue to please as the price/quality ratio is good and the weather is warmer overall, We drink it at home second to Red, And this is what we drank the most Rosé Cavalier!

And the French are coming or continue! AXA Millésimes, the wine subsidiary of the French insurance giant, is continuing its conquest of the West of USA. After the purchase of Outpost and True Vineyard in Napa Valley, the group announces the acquisition of Platt Vineyard in Sonoma Coast, California. The group began investing in the world of wine in 1987 by purchasing the Domaine de l’Arlot, a 15-hectare Burgundy property located in the Côte de Nuits. Known today in France as the owner of Château Pichon Baron, a second classified growth in Pauillac, the empire of AXA Millésimes extends beyond our borders. Its portfolio also includes the Diznókő estate in Hungary, Quinta do Noval in Portugal, and two Napa Valley vineyards, in the Howell Mountain region, acquired in 2018: Outpost and True Vineyard. The latter mainly produce wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon. The group wanted to invest in a vineyard producing pinot noir and chardonnay. This is how the subsidiary set its sights on Platt Vineyard, which covers 111.3 hectares, including 20.1 hectares of vines. It is located at the western end of the Sonoma Coast wine region, near the town of Freestone, known for the quality of these two grape varieties.webpage:

It was in a context of effervescence that the Champagne industry met this month July 2022 to discuss the future of the appellation. The Champagne Committee has announced the implementation of the deferred release of reserve. This is a new system that complements that of the champagne reserve, made up of wines from previous years and intended to absorb demand in the event of a bad harvest. The champagne reserve already allowed the Champagne winegrower to turn around during a year of poor harvest. This wine storage system offers each winegrower the possibility of storing up to 8,000 kg of grapes per hectare in reserve wines, according to the specifications of the appellation. But with the deferred release from the reserve, the novelty lies in the fact that, when the quantities harvested as well as the wine reserve prove to be insufficient, the winegrower will be able to obtain a credit for the deferred release from the reserve, up to the amount of the shortage observed, compared to the annual marketable yield set by the profession. This decision is applicable from this year. This year, that yield was set at 12,000 kilos per hectare, making it the highest level in 15 years (i.e. since 2007). Indeed, shipments amount to 322 million bottles, an increase by 32% compared to 2020 In the first half of 2022, they reached around 130 million bottles, up 13.8% compared to 2021. The harvest, which promises to be early, should start around August 27, 2022. As a reminder, the entire AOC Champagne area is already planted and cannot produce more than 300 million bottles per year. Webpage:

And this is the new InterLoire ! 100% of estates and surfaces will be HVE (High Environmental Value) or organic farming certified by 2030. The goal is not that far off, since 65% already have an environmental label, whether organic, biodynamics, HVE, Terra Vitis or Agri Confiance , At the same time, they, also want to establish a map of 80% of the wine-growing areas of the InterLoire perimeter by 2030. They want 30% of the wines to be exported, both in value volume, by 2030, and are already at 20%. Let’s not forget that the Loire is the second largest producer of bubbles in France, behind Champagne. In the Loire, it is true that it is possible to have great emotions at reasonable prices, This according Lionel Gosseaume a Vigneron of Touraine, president of InterLoire since December 2020, webpage:

Little affected by frost and hail, Burgundy has good reason to hope for an early, qualitative and abundant 2022 vintage. Unless the heat and drought decide otherwise at the end of the season. The harvest is potentially good in terms of quality and quantity, and hope to approach the maximum authorized yields, The weather for the next few weeks will determine the harvest dates in Burgundy, as of now, August 27 for the earliest plots, and the rest rather around September 1st in the very famous Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, webpage:

The Château d’Estoublon, nestled at the foot of the Alpilles, not far from the superb perched village of Les Baux-de-Provence with 5 identity varieties of this unique territory: Salonenque, Bouteillan, Grossane, Béruguette and Picholine. A true heritage gem which has also allowed the property to join the very exclusive Comité Colbert last year alongside 92 prestigious houses such as Chanel, Krug champagne, Guy Savoy or even John Lobb, all attached to the defense of the best know-how. They are knonw for Olive Oil yes, but also 20 hectares of vineyard including 17 hectares in production with pretty red wines and mostly whites. You obviously cannot forget the magnificent castle whose origins date back to 1489 and which was, at its foundation, the residence of the counts of Provence. After major decoration work, the building is more resplendent than ever with 10 suites that can be privatized in their entirety. Also, the permaculture vegetable garden that provides all the restaurant’s vegetables, the 800 ewes and 650 lambs that graze between the rows of vines… It is therefore a real microcosm that Jean-Guillaume Prats, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy (ex President of France) have acquired as well as the couple’s friend Stéphane Courbit. Carla Bruni invests herself in this new house in which she comes with her husband every 2 months with her family. A long learning process in which the former President is also interested. The new plantations which should gradually increase the vineyard from 20 to 25 hectares , long conducted in organic farming, the vines have been applying the principles of biodynamics for a few years. The crucial step will undoubtedly be the erection of a technically much more modern and successful cellar which should be completed for the 2023 harvest to the export markets a floral, delicate and fresh wine, Ok fame conquers the wine ,again, webpage:

The Vinothèque de Bordeaux wine fair takes place from August 25 to September 29, 2022 , The shop located in the city center of Bordeaux since 1973 , They have selected 300 wines (compared to 400 last year ), promising a “beautiful diversity” among appellations, bottle formats and vintages of Bordeaux wines. The focus this time is on the 2012 vintage, with around fifty cuvées. Guaranteed effect! The grands crus and “small” appellations of Bordeaux are well represented. webpage, prices in France :

As usual by me lately in this post, let me give you some suggestions for good wine at affordable prices which we have tasted, I believe can be found abroad too, but check.

Domaine Champ Chapron – Champtoceaux 2014, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine -Champtoceaux, Pollen, honeyed notes and the freshness of the flesh of a summer pear make up a very pleasant nose, underlined by more toasted aromas. The palate is round, almost enveloping, with notes of yellow flowers, lime, white peach pulp and the slight graininess of pear flesh. The mineral frame is there to underline the breadth of the material, with a beautiful saline finish.

Clos Roussely – Touraine Chenonceau 2020, Touraine Chenonceau ,
Citrus fruits dominate in a round and greedy nose, which is balanced between the acidity of the fruits and the sweetness of a touch of honey, before fresher, green notes which evoke mint. The palate is very fresh with lemony, grapefruit and bitter orange notes, before a tense, pleasantly bitter finish.

Domaine François and Julien Pinon, Demi-Sec Black Silex 2020, AOC Vouvray, White wine,
A chenin with a sunny richness, a charming sweetness, with a slight sweetness. A fine vegetal bitterness marks the finish. To open in ten years. This stone reinforces the acidity of the wine and thus makes it possible to bring a balance with the residual sugar (18 g). Vinification and aging in old barrels.

Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure, 2020 ,
A liberated fruit for a drinkable wine. The atmosphere is red fruit, the spices arrive, sweet, before the tannins close in on the sour cherry and give body to the whole.

Château Peyrel 2019,
Fine and light, built on ripe cassis and licorice, endowed with a crisp tannin; the flesh is supple and the wine delicately taut. This tasty red does the job

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin, Clémence 2020,
Made from 90% Merlot on limestone, this cuvée is built on very expressive fruit. A real wine for friends !

There you go folks, another wine episode of my belle France! The wines of France that is, superbe, sublime, wonderful, gorgeous, enjoy without moderation but accompanying a meal, family table just perfect. See you in the vineyards of France.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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