Parque Eva Duarte de Peron of Madrid !

Something different and off the beaten path of my dear Madrid. You will need to come out a bit from the Centro or city center to a more Madrileno area, the real thing if looking for culture, and ambiance. I ,again, lived off the main street here Calle de Alcalà but not in the tourist central but away in the Madrilenos area after the M30! I am updating this older post for you and me; hope you enjoy it as I.

Walking Calle de Alcalà you can pass several monuments on your way including the big well known Retiro park, my childhood kicking ground or playground. Lately in life as I continue to visit the city, now every year at least, I have come to get to know more this Eva Duarte de Peron park which you should know was a famous actress and politician from Argentina.  The Parque Eva Duarte de Perón (Park), located next to Plaza Manuel Becerra (Square), occupies the old Nogueras estate, also called Quinta de los Leones or Quinta de Nogueras.(farm of lions or Nogueras). These gardens have large spaces with shaded plantain alignments and various sports facilities: paddle tennis courts, football, basketball, sporting elements for the elderly, children’s areas and a canine area. A mythical park for its dog meetings, during rush hour rides. They can be found in all breeds and sizes.  A very nice place to walk and talk. 


The Eva Duarte de Peron Park has two ornamental fountains of great singularity and a bust in honor to Eva Duarte de Perón, known as Evita, political leader and Argentine actress. The main Fountain or Fuente Principal. Although the Eva Duarte de Perón Park dates back to the middle of the last century, this fountain is much older, and once adorned the Paseo de las Delicias, from where it was moved in 1913 to the Plaza de Cascorro. The round fountain or Fuente Circular belongs to the original design of the park, which follows a classic scheme of boxes and axes bordered by hedges, with a cruciform trace dominated by a longitudinal axis with two fountains, and another transversal with the monument to Eva Perón.  The park, of 3 hectares of extension, has been remodeled in 2018. It has renewed the system of drainage and conditioning the roads and estates areas. New fences protect the landscaped areas and the meadows have been replaced by shrub areas. The canine area has been extended and the fencing renewed.


How to get there,as said walking is glorious in any city and Madrid is sublime. However, you can take the  Metro: Manuel Becerra lines 2 and 6; as well as bus lines 12, 43, 56, 143, and 156. The main pedestrian entrance is on Calle Doctor Gómez Ulla, 9, but it can be access by other streets such as Calle Francisco Silvela, Calle Florestan Aguilar,  and Plaza Manuel Becerra, which is from where I always go in right on Calle de Alcalà.


The city of Madrid on the Parque Eva Duarte de Peron (always long link sorry):

This is a  nice park to come into people Madrid,off the beaten path and enjoy some quiet time with the family or a nice rest after the long walks in the city or away from the heat. If you are curious about history, customs, language than the Eva Duarte de Peron Park is for you. It has been for me for many years. Hope you can enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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2 Comments to “Parque Eva Duarte de Peron of Madrid !”

  1. Thanks for taking us to this park. Although we were quite often in Madrid years ago, we didn’t know it.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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