The Maisons Satie museum of Honfleur !

Moving right along in the wonderful port city of Honfleur in Calvados dept 14 of Normandy, let me show you again one of my favorite museum in the city. I have written several posts on the city ,but not one dedicated to the museums, Therefore, here is my rendition of the Maisons Satie museum of Honfleur. Hope you enjoy it as I.


Composer, pianist, but also adept of painting and literature, Erik Satie corresponds to the honfleuraise identity. His compositions are both simple and ambitious, light and profound, in the image of the city that saw him born in 1866. Ironically, as he entered the Conservatoire de musique de Paris in 1879, his teachers did not give much of his musical career. However, the composer will collaborate with the greatest artists of his time such as Picasso, Picabia, Cocteau,etc  and influence among the greatest such as Debussy, Ravel or Stravinsky. It is the atypical history of this extraordinary artist that you will discover in this Museum, housed in his home. Instead of offering us a prefabricated environment, the Maisons Satie physically transport us to the composer’s very special universe-sometimes disturbing-with audacity and intelligence, so that, as the pieces come along, we actually have the impression of the spirit of Satie. A total immersion and a unique experience, which emerges enchanted and permeated by the poetry of the artist. As long as you know how to seize this moment, the urge is to prolong and enrich your culture. Maisons Satie located at 67, Boulevard Charles-V and 90, rue Haute


The Maisons Satie or Satie’s houses are the birthplace and museum since 1998 of the artist and classical music composer Erik Satie. The ensemble is made up of three houses in the Norman red half-timbered house style from the 15C. The avant-garde artist and music composer classic Erik Satie was born in this house on May 17, 1866. The Satie Houses are home to an original journey paying tribute to the musician and composer Erik Satie. With a very innovative concept, the Satie Houses offer everyone the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the musician’s work and spirit. Equipped with electronically controlled headphones, the visitor is guided through a succession of musical scenes to the rhythm of Erik Satie’s work. The scenography, combining sound, light, image and objects in a setting as whimsical and humorous as Erik Satie could be and involves the visitor in a visit that is both fun and informative.



The museums of Honfleur on the Maisons Satie

The Honfleur tourist office on the Maisons Satie

The official Erik Satie webpage

There you go folks, a culturally interesting way to visit this old town by the sea, many famous came here and still do why not you! We love it and I hope to transmit this love in my posts on Honfleur. Hope you enjoy the post on the Maisons Saite museum as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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