Musée Eugéne Boudin of Honfleur !!!

Moving right along in the wonderful port city of Honfleur in Calvados dept 14 of Normandy, let me show you again one of my favorite museum in the city. I have written several posts on the city ,but not one dedicated to the museums, Therefore, here is my rendition of the Musée Eugéne Boudin of Honfleur. Hope you enjoy it as I.


The musée Eugène-Boudin  is a museum that revolves  around several themes, the main one being, of course, Eugène Boudin himself and the painters of the 19C. The paintings, evolving from the dark romanticism of Isabey to the luminous clarity of Monet, evoke the atmosphere of meetings at the Ferme Saint-Siméon inn, not far from Honfleur, where artists came to find the light of the Norman skies, of the water and gardens. The works of Eugène Boudin are surrounded by those of painters friends: Monet, Dubourg, Courbet, Jongkind to name a few. Two spaces present the 92 works of Boudin with paintings and drawings currently kept here. In one are the pastels, skies, views of Honfleur, scenes at the Ferme Saint-Siméon inn. In the second, oil paintings, beaches, portraits, landscapes and seascapes. Other rooms offer a journey through more contemporary painting devoted to 20C artists who lived or worked in Honfleur and Normandy: Vallotton, Marais, Dufy, Marquet, Cappiello and the painters of the Rouen school. Eugène-Louis Boudin  was a French painter, born in Honfleur on July 12, 1824, died in Deauville on August 8, 1898. He was one of the first French painters to capture landscapes outside a workshop. A great painter of seascapes, he is considered one of the precursors of Impressionism.


In the other rooms, oil paintings, beaches, portraits, landscapes and Marines. The Musée Eugéne Boudin is located at Place Erik-Satie. Sublime ! The Musée Eugéne Boudin was last renovated in 2016, offers 1,200 m² of permanent exhibition divided into nine rooms, housed in a 19C chapel and two modern buildings, one of which is widely open to the landscape of the estuary and the Pont de Normandie. The museum exhibits and preserves more than 2,500 paintings, sculptures, drawings or engravings, 700 photographs on glass plates from the years 1880-1920, more than 1,000 objects, headdresses, costumes, and furniture, a collection of more than 100 tourist posters on Normandy between 1880 and 1950 and a set of old toys from the 19-20C. From the Katia Granoff room on the third floor, you can admire the changing skies of the estuary and watch the wonderful clouds of Boudin pass by.



The Honfleur tourist office on the Eugéne Boudin museum

The Museums of Honfleur on the Eugéne Boudin museum

The city of Honfleur on its museums so Eugéne Boudin

There you go folks, a culturally interesting way to visit this old town by the sea, many famous came here and still do why not you! We love it and I hope to transmit this love in my posts on Honfleur. Hope you enjoy the post on the Musée Eugéne Boudin as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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