Other museums of Honfleur !!

And finally,would like to mention other museums of Honfleur in Calvados dept 14 of Normandy. These were less frequently but worth the detour me think. I have written several posts on the city ,but not one dedicated to the museums, Therefore, here is my rendition of the other museums of Honfleur. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Naval Museum or Musée de la Marine is in the former church of St. Stephen (St Etienne), on the edge of the old basin. Quai Saint Etienne. Built in the 14C, the church of Saint-Etienne is the oldest in the city. Dedicated to the cult until the French revolution, it then served as a store, theatre and trading stock before hosting the sale of the large herring from 1802 to 1809.  Its steeple, ruined, was demolished in 1808. After 1809, it served as the real warehouse of customs until 1897 when it was ceded to the society of old Honfleur (Société du Vieux Honfleur) which restored it, had the bell tower re-erected, raised a grandstand, made stained glass and exhibited some of its collections from 1899.


It was in 1976 that the historical and maritime collections were transferred from the Ethnography mansion to the Saint-Etienne church. The models, engravings, and exhibits are the fruit of many gifts and bequests. All of them testify to the activities of the seafarers and the Honfleur society in the 18-19C such as fishing, naval constructions, the great trade, the popular crafts linked to the sea ,etc… The history and topography of the port are illustrated by a large collection of drawings, engravings, paintings or watercolours from the 18-19C.  In the Choir, you can admire a very beautiful model of the “Saint Bernadette”, witness of the local fishing of Honfleur at the beginning of the last century. In the nave, a stretcher on which was presented the blessed bread offered in this church by the codfish captains upon their return from Newfoundland. Very nice indeed.


The Musée d’Ethnographie, rue de la Prison . The Museum of Ethnography housed in the city’s former prison and in houses dating from the 16C, this museum presents reconstructions of Norman interiors: nine rooms with objects, costumes and old furniture.

The Honfleur tourist office on the naval museumhttps://www.ot-honfleur.fr/visiter-decouvrez/patrimoine/le-musee-de-la-marine/

The Honfleur tourist office on the Ethnographie museumhttps://www.ot-honfleur.fr/visiter-decouvrez/patrimoine/musee-dethnographie/

The city of Honfleur on its museumshttps://www.ville-honfleur.com/culture/musees/

There you go folks, a culturally interesting way to visit this old town by the sea, many famous came here and still do why not you! We love it and I hope to transmit this love in my posts on Honfleur. Hope you enjoy the post on the other museums of Honfleur as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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