The Piazza Colonna of Rome!!

Well here you go me hanging around my Rome pics and always pulling nice ones out of the vaults that was not included in my blog. Well well, this cannot be, this is the one and only Piazza Colonna, the area of our shopping of course. Therefore, here is my take on the Piazza Colonna of Rome!!

The Piazza Colonna square dates from the end of the 16C, built on the initiative of Pope Sixtus V, is located on the central axis Via del Corso, near Montecitorio and the Pantheon, not far from Piazza Venezia. The piazza is rectangular in plan with the Column of Marcus Aurelius at its center, and is surrounded by important historic Roman palaces.

Near the column is a fountain made in 1577 by order of Pope Gregory XIII fed by the Aqua Virgo aqueduct. The restoration of the Acqua Vergine aqueduct in the 16C with a set of diversions for supplying water. It consists of a large basin of Chio marble decorated with sixteen vertical bands of Carrara marble. Two groups of sculpted dolphins and a small basin in the center were added during the first half of the 19C.

The Colonna or column in the center of the square,has been present here since antiquity. It was erected in honor of Marcus Aurelius in 180 CE on the model of that of Trajan, to commemorate the military campaigns of the emperor, Erected on the Champs de Mars after the death of the emperor; this 30-meter high engraved column celebrates the military victories.

Opposite the column is the entrance to Palazzo Chigi, which was once the embassy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is now the seat of the Council of Ministers. The Palazzo Chigi, built in the 16-17C. First owned by the Aldobrandini family, it was sold to Pope Alexander VII Chigi. The Chigi family sold the palace to the Italian state in 1916, which then used it to house Government and the Council of Ministers. Also, Palazzo Montecitorio, seat of the Chamber of Deputies.


Also on display is the Palazzo Wedekind, the historic home of the daily newspaper Il Tempo, whose portico is supported by Ionic columns from the ancient city of Veii. Other important palaces occupy the square, and opposite, on Via del Corso, is the Galleria Alberto Sordi (see post).

The Rome tourist office on the Piazza Colonna

There you go folks, another dandy in eternal Rome! We love our visit and will come back eventually, hopefully. For now enjoy the wonderful Piazza Colonna of Rome! And again hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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