The Galleria Alberto Sordi of Rome !!

So here I am back at Rome, ok this is a big city we criss cross it with buses, metro, and lots of walks, long distances to soak in and see up close as much as possible. I have been here several times on business trips, but lately came with the family on personal vacation and rented apartments in the city, our favorite was in Nomentano district.

You come here for the big monuments and historical pieces even thus Italy and Rome are loaded of them, and coming from regions that have plenty and the most visited places on Earth, when it was time for Rome ,we settle for the off the beaten paths, the vast spaces of its squares, the food and of course the shopping.

Oh yes shopping is big here too, and plenty of it. However, we did not see all the big names and visit every fashion store or hardly any. We went for the architecturally stunning, chic luxury, and grand coffee and reading music games places. These we found in Piazza Colonna and the Galleria Alberto Sordi of Rome!


The history of the gallery dates back to 1872 and is linked to the project of enlargement of the Piazza Colonna during the installation of the Camera dei Deputati (congress of deputies) in the near Palazzo di Montecitorio. Its final project was approved only in 1911, and after a long work site, it was inaugurated in 1922 as Galleria Colonna.  Closed and abandoned in the 1980-1990’s, its work to restore the original decoration of the gallery-according to documents kept from the city archives from the mosaic of the floor, to the canopy and to all the decorations and stuccoes of the walls and luminaires.

The Galleria Alberto Sordi was inaugurated in 2003 and now bears the name of the famous Roman actor who died in the same year. Today, open every day from 10 to 22 hours without interruption, the gallery houses many fashion boutiques, caffè, and the famous Feltrinelli bookstore.  We came here looking for the bookstore and found the Massimo Dutti clothing store as well one of our favorites.  The Feltrinelli Libri e Musica is awesome and worth a detour me think.


Four floors dedicated to music, books, films, magazines and videogames for every taste, budget and occasion. A café where to have a coffee or an aperitivo before you plunge back into the new items on offer. An event space where every day there are meetings, presentations of books, films, records, current affairs debates and photographic exhibitions.  The coffee shop in the first floor (2nd US) is just worth the detour alone, and while gazing at a fine book, or gleaming of your new purchase CD’s DvD’s or games will bring a pleasant ambiance to have it sip it slowly and enjoy the wonderful architecture in grand style! 


The official Galleria Alberto Sordi

The Rome tourist office on the Galleria Alberto Sordi:

There you go folks, a grand coffee stop, plenty of beautiful books to read, and a gorgeous shopping center, that is Galleria Alberto Sordi of Rome! A wise shopping stop for all the glory of Rome! Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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