Curiosities of Dinan!!

So I bring you back to tell you again about the wonderful town of Dinan, in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my lovely Bretagne. I am sort of taken some subjects from previous posts very little mention and given them more exposure here. We visited again Dinan, this time a bit more. We went by car of course. Pretty curiosities of Dinan for all!

From the birth of Dinan until the 19C, the western facade of the city was protected by a deep valley that stretched from the current Place Duclos to Bas Bourgneuf. At the bottom of the valley, a small stream was called “Cocherel”. This valley is overlooked by a counterscarp converted into a promenade in the 18C call the Petits Fossés. The garden dates from 1850 and from the 1930s, the upper part of the valley, between Place Duclos and Trou au Chat was urbanized. The Mayor of the time surrounded the beautiful building of the Caisse d’Epargne (today CCAS) with a garden below. Then to develop the rest of the valley between the promenade and rue Chateaubriand. The city bought the De Ferron mansion and its park to install the municipal library there.


The Jardins du Val Cocherel garden or commonly called “the garden of the Little Devils” takes its name from the small stream “Cocherel” which flows at the bottom of the garden, this magnificent park of approximately 4 hectares of greenery is located in the heart of the city of Dinan. You will find slides and swings for children, a covered picnic area, mini-golf, ping-pong tables, animals (fawns, aviaries) a wide variety of flowers as well as a kiosk in the middle from the garden offering cold drinks, ice creams and sandwiches. Below the garden, a pond offers a space of calm and relaxation. Most of this information from the City of Dinan webpage,

The city of Dinan on the garden Cocherel

The Chapelle Sainte-Catherine of Dinan was built in the 17C by the Dominicans who arrived in Dinan in 1631, First installed in the Hotel de la Garaye (current Hotel Beaumanoir rue Haute-Voie), they obtained permission in 1664 to establish themselves, to the east of the city, on land belonging to Dominican monks. It became the Hospital Chapel in the 19C and is the subject of an important decorative program that can be found on the apse of the choir and in the transepts. It features a Jesuit-style facade. Don’t miss the collection of statues among the oldest in the churches of Dinan and its monumental painting. These statues are a Saint-Antoine 17-18C, Saint-François d’Assise 16C  in limestone, two bishops 17-18C, Saint-Pierre 16C, and a Christ on the Cross . There is also the oldest and the most exceptional, “The education of the Virgin”, from the beginning of the 14C,another, a limestone Virgin 15C, did not budge from the chapel because it was intact. She had been found in the 1930s, buried in a garden.


The Chapelle Sainte Catherine is a jewel of Counter-Reformation architecture. The interior splendor of the 16C chapel, restored over seven years, dazzles visitors: immaculate walls, polychrome wooden statues, restored stone floor, and at the bottom of the church, a breathtaking trompe-l’oeil. After extensive renovation work it reopened on January 2022 for worship.

The City of Dinan on religious monument so the Chapelle:

The Dinan Cap Fréhel tourist office on the Chapelle Sainte Catherine

The Centre d’Interpretation et du Patrimoine (CIAP) or the center for interpretation and heritage , Through an interpretation trail and interactive entertainment media, you will have the keys to understanding the history of Dinan and the richness of its heritage. Worth the detour me think.

The Dinan Cap Fréhel tourist office on the Centre :

The Théatre des Jacobins is an intercommunal theater hosting various types of shows ,such as theater, concerts, circus, etc. Before being a theater inaugurated in 1966, the Jacobins was a convent founded by monks in 1232. In 1824, the city bought the building which was to undergo a series of architectural modifications throughout the 19C. Initially, the town of Dinan set up various businesses. At the same time, in another part of the convent, several dramatic societies perform. In 1868, the city/town hall decided to close the shopping areas and wanted to transform the place into a casino. On the other hand, it is urgent to undertake the repair work, because the building is deteriorating and is the cause of several serious accidents. The work was interrupted by the Great War or WWI, during which the casino was requisitioned. At the end of the 1920s, the hall hosted operettas whose companies rented the premises. It was therefore necessary to wait until the middle of the 20C for a municipal theater to settle in the premises, this time completely secure and refurbished in 1966.


The Dinan metro area cultural agenda on the Theater of Jacobins :

There you go folks, another dandy in my lovely Bretagne, this time north of me in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 and delightful Dinan. Hope you enjoy the curiosities of Dinan and do come on in, worth the detour me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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