Château de Tronjoly of Gourin!

And of course, a town with a castle is a must for us, so after reading about it, I found a collegue in town who is native of Gourin so he mentioned it again and it had an exposition. Therefore, off we went to see this castle of Tronjoly in Gourin! I am updating this older post on the castle with new text using the old pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I.


The Château of the Traon Joliff or the pretty valley or Tronjoly as it is known today is a nice construction of the 18C that ,we can still see the ruins of the 19C. On the western wall you see the date 1768 as well as on the west façade on a small niche that housed a clock with the inscription my bell sound at an exact hour. The first lords of the castle were the Kergoët  living there from 1426 to 1660; follow by the L’Ollivier , de la Villeneuve Lochrist;  which the Tronjoly branch shows its coat of arms as money in the face of blatter mouths , golden grilles accompany the a trio of cinquefoils of the blatter mouths or the meaning could be money in the face of envy. In 1796, Anne-Jacquette L’Ollivier, wife of Jean Baptiste Rouxel, lord of Lescoët, took advantage of the authorization granted to the families of the emigrants (those returning after the French revolution) to buy the lands seized and sold as national property (by the French revolution)  to buy the castle and its domain back and held it until 1900. It is a Rouxel de Lescoët who restores the eastern wing at the end of the 19C, following a fire. Hermine de Lescoët marries Baron Guy de Salvaing of Boissieu, who dies in 1954 and leaves the castle to his daughter Madeleine. The castle once had a private chapel, a park and a dovecote. The estate is bought by the town of Gourin in 1984.


Its park is now a place of walk for the local folks,(Gourinois) and the castle houses exhibitions of art and crafts;(see post)  the theater of greenery is used in the summer for various cultural events and festivals. To wander through the park, visitors can take the many lanes, bridges spanning picturesque streams and multiple trails. The wooded area of the park has majestic trees, many centuries old, whose name and geographical origin are describe in panels.


The Pays du Roi Morvan tourist office on the castle

The Pays du Roi Morvan tourist office on the town of Gourin :

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on the castle

There you go folks, enjoy the castle of Tronjoly a wonderful reminder of the history of Brittany and France, come on out west it is better by the Montagne Noirs (black mountains), and enjoy Gourin.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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