Curiosities of Remich!

I am combing my vault of pictures and found some not yet in my blog! I feel they need to, for memories’s sake as my blog is my life’s history! We have many trips to Luxembourg and always enjoyable with wonderful family memories; the coming to Remich was no different. I have other post,but will tell you about new ones, on the curiosities of Remich . Hope you enjoy it as I.

Strolling on the Esplanade, lingering in front of the Fontaine de Bacchus, having fun on the playground , the Esplanade is appreciated by all. After your walk, make yourself comfortable on one of the pleasant terraces of Place Dr F. Kons. Indeed we walked it and is beautiful natural scenery on the river Moselle and we saw the cruise boat that should be wonderful but we were on our road warrior ways and continue on down the road to Schengen (see post).


The boat M.S. “Princess Marie-Astrid”, you will discover the Moselle valley from a new angle. Reading from their site it tell us that it has a total capacity of 500 passengers, including 220 inside, this majestic boat built in 2010 reveals a luxurious and elegant interior. Indeed, everything on board is designed for your comfort. Thus, while savoring an excellent gastronomic menu, vineyards, villages, hills and forests will accompany you according to the waves. And thanks to its large panoramic windows, no detail will escape you. Moreover, when you board, perhaps you will have the feeling of reliving the course of history, because it was on board the 2nd MS “Princess Marie-Astrid” that the famous agreements of Schengen were signed ! . Regular trips from Easter until the end of September, and special runs outside the regular service are possible.


The boat is very sleek nice clean something to think about next time around this neck of the woods in my Europe and in my lovely Luxembourg, and nice Remich !

The city of Remich tourist office

The Moselle region tourist office on Remich

The Moselle region on the cruise boat

There you go folks, a nice road warrior trip thru sublime regions of Luxembourg! Remich was nice and we love to do the road trip again eventually. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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